Daily Archives: September 13, 2018

One day One story

Team Schoolkutti celebrated the International Literacy Day with the adorable little ones at Govt. LP School, Sasthamangalam as part of the ‘One Day One Story’ campaign organized by Pratham Books. It was an interactive session with about 50 kids in the 3-8 years age group and the book was ‘A Cloud of Trash’ by Pratham Books. We loved the cute story of Cheekoo which conveyed a much-needed positive message (encouraging kids to keep the surroundings neat and tidy) in simple words. We read out the story in English, but explained in Malayalam for easy understanding. At the end, the children promised to always practise and promote better waste management. Towards the end, we shared chocolates and enjoyed singing together, the right song for the day -‘Bits of paper, bits of paper…”







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