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Jingle Bells Storytime


There were squeals of glee and cheeky laughter as we jingled all the way on Saturday evening at the library during the ‘Jingle Bells Storytime’ listening to the awesome narration of the story ‘Father Christmas on the Naughty Step’ by Bina Maria Mathews . It was a lively and fun story to get children into the Christmas spirit. The story experience was made extra special with fun Christmas songs, dance and craft. The joyous occasion also marked the 4th birthday celebration of Children’s Library. Kids and parents enjoyed delicious whole-wheat X’mas and Birthday special butter cake prepared with love by our healthy-yummy cake baking expert, Ritu Bhatt

Happy Birthday!!!


On kindness, sitting still and more…

Last weekend, our delightful little readers at Children’s Library had a great time listening to the Chinese story ‘The Grateful Snake’ from the book ‘Story told around the world’. This story teaches about small acts of kindness to the importance of being a true friend.



After the story time, the kids worked on a few spelling puzzles. Then, we had lots of fun doing a role play based on the well-loved favorite ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’, that was decidedly unprepared and natural. It was lovely to see the children expressing without inhibitions and communicating in their own words.




During the read-it-yourself time, the children enjoyed the adventures of the super active girl Viji from the book ‘Sit Still’ by Karishma Mahbubani with illustrations by Suzzanne Rebello. They could easily relate to this girl with boundless energy, due to reasons that need not be explained 🙂


Some of the kids got so excited that they even went on to strike some yoga poses to show us how flexible and strong they were.

Finally, they took turns to read and discuss some interesting facts about polar bears.


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Fun Time with Mangoes and Mischief


The children were such amazing and attentive listeners at our Word Play Story Time this week at the Children’s Library. Today we chose a delightful book with beautiful illustrations titled “Mangoes and Mischief” by Sreedevi Gopakumar and Sahitya Rani from Ms.Moochie publishing house.


What a fun time we had discussing Moidutty’s love for mangoes, Malu’s superb aim, the muddle the kids get into because of stealing mangoes, the various mango based treats and about how they make friends with the interesting monster Maangasura!


This time, we introduced a fun twist on the “Guess My Word” game, by making each child provide a word which the others had to guess. Kids loved getting to play the “teacher” by giving out clues.


Next, we went on to do some role play based on the book ‘The Very Big Pancake’.


All our little champs had a blast acting out as the seven hungry children who chase a huge yummy pancake.