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Reading/Membership charges for our Vellayambalam library will be revised from 01/01/2020. Please refer to the below image for details. Also, we are coming up with the following rules for our Vellayambalam library from Jan 1, 2020. Please help us to serve you better by following these rules. Thanks for understanding.

1. If a member has not renewed subscription/paid reading charges for a two-year period, his/her membership will be terminated, discounts will not be applicable and deposit amount will NOT be returned.

2. For the pay-per-period plan (Plan A or B), subscription renewal will be considered from the validity end date. If the subscription renewal is not done on time, the deposit amount will be adjusted towards the reading fees. The library reserves the right to retain the deposit amount and cancel the membership if there are outstanding dues.

3.For the pay-per-use plan (Plan Platinum), the holding period is 15 days. LATE CHARGES (1% of the book value) will be collected for each day the books are held after the due date.

4. For the pay-per-period plans (Plans A and B), the holding period is 2 months. LATE CHARGES (1% of the book value) will be collected for each day the books are held after the due date.

5. We are discontinuing Plan-Gold with effect from Jan 1, 2020. All existing Plan-Gold members need to upgrade to Plan-Platinum by paying Rs. 1000/-

6. Any damages found in books should be reported either at the front desk while getting the book issued or to the delivery executive if the book is delivered at the door. Customers will be charged for any unrecorded damages found in the books on return (charges as per the terms and conditions of the library).

Team Schoolkutti

Library update very imp

Scrabble and Reading Workshop

To get better at any game or skill, the sure way to do that is play and practice as often as you can. Check out some pics of the Scrabble and Reading Workshop that took place at the library. Children enjoyed learning how to spell out some interesting words, what to do when you have a case of irritable vowel syndrome and strategies on how to get off to a flying start. scrabble 29-5

scrabble 29-6

scrabble and reading 29-1

We also read some wonderful books together.
scrabble 29-4

scrabble 29-3

Festive Story Time

The Festive Storytime at Children’s Library on Dec 21 was attended by around 20 kids and some parents.

Thanks to Bina Maria Mathews of Bee’s tales for making our Festive Storytime truly magical. Kids had a lovely time listening to heartwarming Christmas stories shared by her.

(Festive Story Bina mam 1

Thanks to Saranya for keeping the kids moving and swaying with jolly Christmas songs and games. We appreciate her energy and enthusiasm in keeping the little ones entertained for long during our Festive Storytime yesterday at the library.

Festive story sharanya 2

A special thanks to our dear friends Nancy and Arjun who took their time out to come and be part of our celebration and sang beautiful carols for the gathering.

festive story nancy

Festive story arjun

We were privileged to have Anila Philip from Helping Hands Organization as our special guest. We had some enjoyable games for the children as part of the Christmas program and Anila Ma’am came forward to hand over the prizes to the winners. She had a wonderful Christmas message for the kids- that winning doesn’t equal being good and losing doesn’t equal being bad. Thanks to Anila Ma’am for helping children realize that the outcome of a game doesn’t define their capability and that they are all winners in their own ways. Also, we are happy to announce that the proceeds from the program were donated to the Helping Hands Organization (H2O).

Festive story anila

Thanks to all the parents who contributed towards this noble cause. Merry Christmas to everyone from team Schoolkutti.

Scrabble and Reading Workshop

Christmas is the time to play games, read books and have fun. Children above 8 years can boost their language skills through the best loved board game and specially chosen books at our Vellayambalam library. Children’s Library presents ‘Scrabble and Reading Workshop’ – The fun camp which enriches your child’s vocabulary through the popular Scrabble game and reading. The books chosen for the camp are ‘Malala, a Brave Girl from Pakistan/Iqbal, a Brave Boy from Pakistan: Two Stories of Bravery’, ‘The girl who went to the stars’ and of course ‘The Christmas Carol’. The camp will be on December 23, 24, 26 and 27 from 10.15 AM to 12.30 PM. Contact 0471-4015293 or 9847320281 to register.


WordPlay- Velveteen Rabbit and Christmas Stories

Story-telling sessions are integral to education as that is the best way to bring children closer to books. In this week’s WordPlay, we will pick up Margery Williams’ timeless picture book classic ‘Velveteen Rabbit’ that has been read and cherished by many generations of children and their parents. We will also include some popular Christmas stories to spread the spirit of Christmas. As always, book-theme crafts, songs and games will be there too. Come, join the fun.

Velveteen Rabbit

Festive Story Time

Ho ho ho! Jingle Jingle! Can you hear those sleigh bells ring? Inviting little ones to come and listen to special Christmas stories, sing carols together, share yummy cake and play games at the ‘Festive Storytime’ @ Schoolkutti. Yes, it’s time to celebrate Christmas and the 9th anniversary of Children’s Library, Vellayambalam on Dec 21, Saturday evening at 4:30 PM. There will be lots of Christmas stories, songs, carols, games and cake! There will be a fee of Rs.250/- (members) Rs.300/- (Others) and all proceeds will be donated to Helping Hands Organization (H2O). Don’t miss this festive event, it’s all for a cause. Contact 0471-4015293 or 9847320281 to book your seat. Hurry, limited seats!

New Festive Story

WordPlay – The Giving Tree and Other Stories

In yesterday’s WordPlay session, children enjoyed listening to the unconditional love between the boy and the tree. We discussed some big questions: What is love? What makes a good friend? Is it possible to do something for others without expecting anything in return? Can we all grow up to be generous like the giving tree?





wordplay 7-12 3


Last class we had a ‘Just a minute’ session on random topics to train students to speak spontaneously.This will continue in the upcoming sessions. This is to improve their impromptu speaking skills.Then we had debate sessions on the topics assigned to the teams. SDGs were introduced to them as these could be used in speeches and debates. The trainer told them in which all ways the topics could be presented through the usage of certain concepts,current affairs and anecdotes. She also introduced the way they could use their existing knowledge and the information they get from different sources to prepare better speeches. Finally, the participants were given a topic for elocution for next class along with the format in which it needs to be presented.


‘Storytelling for kids of Attinkuzhy’

Story-telling sessions are integral to education as that is the best way to bring children closer to books. Schoolkutti team conducted a storytelling session for the children of Attinkuzhi residential area yesterday, most of them studying in Government schools. This is all part of a movement towards inculcating a reading habit among children.






It gave us immense joy and satisfaction to notice that children participated well in all the activities and were totally absorbed in the stories. It was a whole new world for them. Thanks to the Kidzee Attinkuzhy team for organizing the event well.