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Outing ideas with children

Want a great day out with kids and family? Looking for ideas? Trivandrum has some fantastic museums that are perfect for visiting with children, which are educational as well as entertaining. Parks and beaches are also favourites for kids since there is wide space to run and play as well other fun things to do such as playing ball or building sand castles. Visiting child friendly eat outs can be another cool way to relax and unwind. Also, there are a wide range of shops for children, be it toys, books, CDs or school material that you want to go for.

Whether you are checking on the city’s child-friendly attractions, restaurants or shopping options for kids, you have come to the right place – now is regularly updated with the fun things to do in the city, along with your children.

If you know any interesting place that is not listed in our site, please let us know and we will add it – thanks in advance.

Motivate your child through healthy competition

Competition is good for kids since it helps them improve in multiple ways. In today’s world, it is in fact a prerequisite for excellence. First and foremost, it motivates them to work harder and perform better. For example, spelling contests inspire kids to become good in reading and vocabulary just like sports encourage physical fitness.

Every one wants to be a winner in every competition that they participate in, but it is important to learn that losing involves learning that helps them improve in life. Thus participating in competitions helps children to accept and conquer their fear of failure.

Whether your child’s skills are in Math or English or Science, there will be competitions suitable for your budding genius. We regularly feature multiple competitions for kids.
Visit the competitions page of schoolkutti regularly to be updated about upcoming contests and competitions for kids.

Enhanced learning for your child

Extra-curricular activities can be exciting, enaging and fun for children. The bonus is that they teach students a variety of skills, thus moulding them into well-rounded individuals. In today’s competitive world, achieving good academic results is not a sure shot to success. Today’s parents mostly recognise the value of these activities as part of their child’s overall development. The capital city of Kerala offers children a wide array of options including music, dancing, foreign languages, painting, martial arts and sports such as tennis, cricket and basketball.

Thanks to schoolkutti, you can always find information about hobby classes in your city – view detailed information including age-criteria, course content, reviews, ratings and contact details. So what are you waiting for? Click on to find out the best classes and camps to enrich your child’s imagination and creativity.

Developing a love for reading : The best gift for your child

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
― Dr. Seuss
As a parent, it is your important to start your kid on a lifelong love of reading. Reading is not only a good hobby to pass time. It has a whole lot of benefits, some of which are building vocabulary, fostering creativity, boosting self confidence, relieving stress, improving memory and knowledge. You should play the biggest role in helping your children to become interested in reading and in fostering their reading skills since you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Reading to your child, helping him or her select books appropriate for his or her age, establishing a reading time, taking your child to libraries and reading clubs etc are some of the ways you can help develop their reading interest and skills.

Access to a library full of engaging books inspires children to read, learn and explore. We have some good libraries for children in the city, check out the list at Libraries. Periodic family visits to the libraries can go a long way, so make it part of your regular routine.

Reading alone is wonderful, but joining a reading club gives your child a chance to meet kids of similar tastes and experience books in a whole new way. Discussing and sharing thoughts on a book can open up different viewpoints and valuable insights. We have put together a list of reading clubs in the city here
Reading Clubs.

So enjoy reading with your child, there’s sure to be many interesting books around for your little bookworm’s taste.