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Best Summer Camps for kids in Trivandrum 2022

Looking for summer camps Trivandrum parents? We’re here to help your kids have an amazing summer with these selections.

So you’re in luck: We are listing the best summer camps in and around Trivandrum that your kids will love, so start taking notes, Mom and Dad!

Here is a comprehensive list of the most awesome Summer Camps @Trivandrum in 2022.
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Paadashala TEEN PREP PROGRAMME (Location: Vellayambalam)

Paadashala Summer camp 2022 Trivandrum

Paadashala launches an attractive back to school program for children of class VIII – X.(Age 13Yrs to 15 years) Prepares children to return to school with enthusiasm and leaving back a load of anxiety and fears. Come and Experience a program to alleviate your fear of school…. Intensive 50 Hrs programme stretched to 14 days without break . Everyday 3 hrs each (Fun filled interactive and activity based sessions handled by experts.) Brainstorming sessions, interactive and activity based sessions,problem solving session. No textbook no notebook, no pen. BACK TO SCHOOL PROGRAMME FOR KIDS OF 2 TO 12 YEARS. Contact or whatsapp at 9995458074.

Cocoon Preschool Summer Camp Location: (Location: Edapazhanji and Puliyarakonam)

Cocoon Preschool is also coming up with an amazing summer camp for children aged 7 to 10 years.

At the Cocoon summer camp, we have got days jam packed with creativity,  adventure and excitement. Life is full of experiences! Cocoon kids camp brings big experiences to little people. Hourly change over of activities means great fun and pleasure throughout the day. There is something for every child aged 4 years to 14 years. Loved and trusted by parents, our ethos has always been to put children 1st. Each unforgettable experience at the camp will enhance their well being and revitalize them for their return to school.

The Learning Minds Summer Camp (Location: Maruthankuzhi)

The learning minds are conducting summer classes for the children aged 6 years to 12 years. This is a gateway for students to develop and sharpen their skills on English language, handwriting improvement and mental ability. The class is scheduled to be held from April 6th 2022 to May 6th 2022. Registrations are open now. The learning minds conduct sessions by complying with all covid appropriate protocols. Contact 7994147887 for more details.

Schoolmynd Summer Camp Location: (Location: Ambalamukku)

  Schoolmind summer camp 2022 trivandrumGet yourself immersed in the joyful, fun filled world of scintillating science experiments ranging from Martian Robots to Spiralling cyclones, and get unshackled from the learning constraints. We proudly present the fifth edition of the premier science camp, Eurecka 2022 conducted by Schoolmynd, Ambalamukku, Trivandrum. Meant for students of grades 3 to 9, the camp is tentatively planned to be held from April 15th to May 2nd ( except Sundays & Saturdays ).
Timings : 10 am to 1 pm. Registrations open. First come first serve basis, only for 15 students following all Covid protocols.

For more details please contact Dr.Kishore: +91 6282103148 What’s app: 9847091451.

If your institution is coming up with an interesting summer camp, please email the details to [email protected] For enquiries, please contact 8606405917 or 9847320281.

Learn About Family

Here is a chance for little ones to learn about family, improve their vocabulary, enjoy story and songs, while having fun!

Schoolkutti presents a family-themed literacy program for children below 9 years – ‘Learn about family’ including activities and stories from the British Council website.


* Listen to the charming story of a bear family
* Play a word game to learn and practise family vocabulary
* Colour and write the words in family flashcards
* Listen to a poem about what is important in families
* Practice worksheet exercises about family
* Play a game about different people in the family

Date: 15 Feb, 2020
Time: 3 to 4:15 PM
Location: Children’s Library, Pongummood

Contact 0471-4015293 for details.


Last Week’s Wordplay Session

Listening to stories is crucial for developing creativity and communication skills in children. Here are some pics from our last week’s WordPlay session.

We love, we love stories

Our young bookworms immersed in awesome stories

Reading can be a passion right from a young age

Birds of the same feather read together

Think to Ink (Activity-based Writing workshop for children)

Day 1

• Introduction
Helping children present the unique points that sets them apart from a crowd

• Word list
Applying a memory game sharpens observation and analysis

• Story writing
Weaving a story with few sentences showcases the creativity of each child.

• Taboo words
Enabling children to interact well with their peers through an interesting game

Day 2

• Jumbled sentences
Working as a team to rearrange sentences in order strengthens team spirit

• Article writing
Helping to pen down the ideas of each child in an organized manner

• What am I thinking of?

Describing a thing helps the child to think of even the minute details

• Crossword
Enhancing vocabulary and quick thinking through cross words

Day 3

• Word making
Enabling each child to learn new words from their peers

• Summary writing
Learning short and crisp reproduction of an idea already known to them

• Mindmap method
Visualising and prioritizing ideas enhances the thought process

Learning new words through games always thrills children

Day 4

Familiarizing adverbs
Introducing adverbs in an interesting manner helps them express thoughts clearly

• Punctuation
Using punctuations in the appropriate places and introducing new punctuations

• Pictionary
Picturising thoughts enhances and sharpens presentation skill

• Speech writing
Coming up with speech in a short span of time enables children to think and act quickly


Drawing in inspiration from the Father of our Nation

Gandhiji’s story has always inspired people, it was no different this time when conducted the Republic Day Reading Circle program on 25th January. Children enjoyed the book ‘I am Gandhi’ and actively participated in the imaginative discussion that followed.

Republic day story 2

Republic day story 3

Republic day story1



No child should be ignorant of our struggle for Independence, this was a book that provided food for thought and sparked some interesting questions. How much the children had soaked up ideas from the book was clear during the quiz session – they could answer most of the questions; they definitely made us proud.

Republic day Reading Circle

Here is a golden opportunity for children above 8 years. Yes, on the occasion of republic day, Children’s Library is excited to announce the perfect literary program for our young readers that teaches that the smallest of us can be the most powerful. The program is based on the book ‘I am Gandhi’, which is an amazing graphic biography of Gandhiji with stunning illustrations that really makes Mahatma Gandhi’s story come alive. We will have role plays, games and also a fun quiz based on the book.

Brad Meltzer is the author of the New York Times bestselling ‘Ordinary People Change the World’ series for children. Twenty-five exceptional comic book creators have joined forces to share the heroic story of Gandhi in this inspiring graphic novel biography. This is a chance for children to look at the idea of peaceful protests that have changed the course of history, to connect Gandhiji’s philosophies to those who influenced him and those he influenced – Henry David Thoreau influenced Gandhi who influenced Martin Luther King, Jr. who influenced Barack Obama who influenced Cory Booker, etc.


Date: 25th January (Saturday)
Time: 4 PM
Seats are limited! So register early to join the fun! Contact 0471-4015293 or 9847320281 to register.

Story treat at Pongummoodu

One of the best things about books is that they transport us to far and distant lands without having to move our legs. During the Story Treat session last saturday, we were transported to the jungles of Africa for a wild dance with some interesting animals. Ever wondered who might be at your door when the doorbell rings? It’s not often that you have a tiger come knocking at your door. Our staff, Ms. Akhila was wearing her storytelling hat at our Pongummood library on Saturday. The children were enthralled by her tales and enjoyed taking part in the interactive parts with real enthusiasm.





Storytelling is such an important and enjoyable way of developing literacy skills, especially speaking and listening. It was a fun hour for the kids and us alike.


Everyone knows that giraffes can’t dance….or can they? Gerald’s story does inspire us to believe that if we put our heart into it, anything is possible. Who wouldn’t want to own a magic porridge pot like the one in the popular fairy tale? It was raining stories for the kids at Schoolkutti, Vellayambalam on saturday morning. It was fun discussing their thoughts and also the morals of these stories. We also had a book themed coloring activity and a guided reading session afterwards.

wordplay 11


Communication Development Workshop

What our trainer Kavya had to say after the 4-day Communication Development Workshop at Schoolkutti “Thank you so much to all the kids for these amazing Saturdays. All of them were active participants in the sessions. All of them are good communicators in their own style. During today’s rebuttal session, they were able to raise right questions and defended themselves well. Please ask them to practice JAM (Just a minute) during break times, so that they can polish their skills. “.

As usual, we also received some wonderful feedback this time also
1. “If advanced speech craft sessions are introduced, I will be more than delighted to send my kids again.” – Mom of Jiya and Ryan
2. “My son, who had to be bribed and coaxed to join this class, was quite sad that the sessions ended. My daughter says she will miss the sessions too” – Mom of Jiya and Ryan
3. “Thank you kavya .. shruthy had a very nice time with ur sessions. Keep up the good work” – Sruthy’s mom

Thanks to all the participants Children’s Library Updates

Reading/Membership charges for our Vellayambalam library will be revised from 01/01/2020. Please refer to the below image for details. Also, we are coming up with the following rules for our Vellayambalam library from Jan 1, 2020. Please help us to serve you better by following these rules. Thanks for understanding.

1. If a member has not renewed subscription/paid reading charges for a two-year period, his/her membership will be terminated, discounts will not be applicable and deposit amount will NOT be returned.

2. For the pay-per-period plan (Plan A or B), subscription renewal will be considered from the validity end date. If the subscription renewal is not done on time, the deposit amount will be adjusted towards the reading fees. The library reserves the right to retain the deposit amount and cancel the membership if there are outstanding dues.

3.For the pay-per-use plan (Plan Platinum), the holding period is 15 days. LATE CHARGES (1% of the book value) will be collected for each day the books are held after the due date.

4. For the pay-per-period plans (Plans A and B), the holding period is 2 months. LATE CHARGES (1% of the book value) will be collected for each day the books are held after the due date.

5. We are discontinuing Plan-Gold with effect from Jan 1, 2020. All existing Plan-Gold members need to upgrade to Plan-Platinum by paying Rs. 1000/-

6. Any damages found in books should be reported either at the front desk while getting the book issued or to the delivery executive if the book is delivered at the door. Customers will be charged for any unrecorded damages found in the books on return (charges as per the terms and conditions of the library).

Team Schoolkutti

Library update very imp