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April Summer Camp Bliss: A Journey through Stories and Fun Children’s Library embarked on an exhilarating journey this April with its much-anticipated Summer Camp. Aimed at igniting young imaginations and fostering a love for learning, the camp offered a vibrant array of activities tailored to captivate and engage children of all ages. From immersive storytelling sessions, dance to thrilling drama performances, every moment was designed to spark curiosity and creativity.

Each day at the camp began with a magical Story Time session, where children gathered eagerly to embark on literary adventures. From beloved picture books to gripping chapter novels of Sherlock Holmes’s Hound of Baskervilles where every chapter transports kids to far-off lands and fantastical realms.

Craft sessions at the Camp were a beloved highlight, offering participants the opportunity to unleash their creativity and explore a wide range of artistic endeavors such as Popup cards, Photo Album, Newspaper Bag, Bottle Art, Paper Flowers, Butterfly with paper cups, Mother’s Day card and much more.

Through word puzzles, Hangman, Mad Libs, Pictionary, Story Chain and many other language games, children explored the intricacies of language while honing their literacy skills. Every day after the story session kids eagerly waited for the game session where laughter and excitement filled the air as children participated in a variety of exhilarating games and activities such as Simon Says, Pyramid building with paper glass and many more.

Within a short period of time our Dance instructor managed to teach the kids a small dance performance with lively dance sessions that infused the atmosphere with rhythm and joy making the camp more vibrant.

The highlight of the Summer Camp was undoubtedly the spectacular drama performance presented by the young campers themselves. Through weeks of rehearsals and collaboration, children transformed into confident actors, bringing stories to life on stage with passion and flair. From whimsical fairy tales to thought-provoking dramas, each performance showcased the talent and creativity of the camp’s young stars, leaving audiences spellbound and inspired.

As the curtains closed on another unforgettable Summer Camp journey, Children’s Library celebrated the countless memories and friendships forged amidst the pages of stories and the thrill of adventure. We hope to see all our young campers next summer, till then bye from team Schoolkutti

Glimpses of our junior campers

Glimpses of our senior batch

Mangoes and Mischief: A Saturday Storytime Adventure

At children’s library, a vibrant Saturday Storytime unfolded, bringing joy, laughter, and a sprinkle of mischief to young minds. This week’s enchanting session revolved around the delightful book “Mangoes and Mischief”.

As the children gathered around the cozy reading nook, the story unfolded. Malu and Moidooty find themselves in a pickle for stealing mangoes. And they were in trouble, the demon Maangasura cursed them. To reverse the curse Malu and Moidooty should find many, many more mangoes and mango dishes.

Kids were very enthusiastic to share their favorite mango dishes. After the story session, the children were invited to participate in interactive activities and we made mangoes with colorful craft papers.

“Hansel and Gretel” comes to life @ Schoolkutti

On the evening of December 2, 2023, Children’s Library was transformed into a whimsical world as talented young actors took the stage for the final performance of the enchanting drama “Hansel and Gretel.” The air buzzed with excitement as families and friends gathered to witness the culmination of weeks of hard work and dedication by the budding thespians.

Under the direction of HOG (Helen O’ Grady International Drama Academy) staff, the children showcased their theatrical skills, bringing to life the timeless tale of “Hansel and Gretel.” The classic story was reimagined through the eyes of the young performers, creating a delightful and heart-warming experience for all in attendance.

The vibrant costumes added an extra layer of charm to the performance, showcasing the creativity and attention to detail that went into every aspect of the production. After the performance, Helen O’Grady International Drama Academy gave participation certificates to the budding actors.

This final drama performance served as a testament to the power of storytelling and the magic that unfolds when children are given the opportunity to explore their creative potential.’s Spooktacular Halloween Party, 2023

Witches, vampires and superheroes descended upon Children’s Library on the 28th of October, 2023, for a shiversome Halloween bash.

The library’s party area was decorated with ghosts, spiderwebs, cutouts of pumpkins, bats and spiders that set the perfect Halloween ambiance. The children arrived in an array of costumes, from wizards and superheroes to vampires and witches. Kudos to the enthusiastic and creative parents!

The event featured many fun and engaging activities like Halloween-based quizzes, games like Hotseat, Scavenger Hunt and Feed the Monster. This was followed by party music and dancing. The kids spontaneously organized a game of musical chairs and musical statues that they thoroughly enjoyed! The event concluded on this happy note and all the little ghouls and ghosties went home happy. It was a day filled with fun, laughter and a touch of Halloween magic that will be cherished by all.

A word about the event’s host, Nandini. It was the 14-year-old’s first time independently hosting an event. She says of the experience, “Being a host was a really interesting experience. I loved watching people enjoy the party! A big thank you to Seema Aunty for giving me the opportunity to organise such an event and to schoolkutti staff members for their constant support. I couldn’t have done it without you!” Good luck to Nandini in all future endeavours. We at hope to see you all again, for we have more fun-filled events planned for you. See you then …

A Self-Motivation Storytime @ Schoolkutti

Schoolkutti is committed to nurturing young readers through the power of storytelling. This Sunday we had a special storytime session featuring the beloved children’s book, “Just Like Papa” which deals with a first brush with failure, and reminds us to follow our heart.

The star of the day was Young ’Genius Gee’ who dreams of becoming an artist like her father But as the story goes on Gia is not able to paint her ideas and imagination onto the canvas. Gia’s grandmother helps her to discover her hidden talent for writing stories. Gia’s story inspired the kids to follow their hearts and find their own true talent. Kids’ laughter and engagement filled the room, making it clear that the story had captured their hearts.

After the story concluded, it was time for a craft activity. The kids were given craft papers and we made colourful butterflies.

“A Magical Journey of Imagination and Visualization: Children’s Library Drama Performance”

The enchanting world of literature and the boundless realm of a child’s imagination collide in a delightful spectacle at children’s library. Imagine a stage where characters from beloved storybooks come to life, and the young minds in the audience are transported to far-off lands, all through the power of imagination and visualization. That’s what exactly happened at the end of the Saturday evening drama program by Helen O’Grady International at Schoolkutti, the children presented a short, scripted production for parents on August 19th Saturday. The atmosphere is brimmed with anticipation as children and their families gather to witness a unique theatrical experience. The captivating drama performance ignited creativity and wonder within every audience.

This drama performance at the children’s library served as a reminder that books are not merely words on paper but gateways to infinite realms where imagination knows no bounds. It encourages children to read with a new perspective, fostering a lifelong love for literature and creativity.

A Magical Journey: Winnie the Witch Storytime

In a cozy corner of our library, a group of eager young faces gathered, their eyes wide with anticipation. It was a special day, one that promised to whisk them away on a magical journey through the pages of a beloved book. This day was dedicated to “Winnie the Witch,” a tale of enchantment and friendship that had captured the hearts of generations. The story was chosen for story time knowing that it was a timeless favourite. As we began to read, the kids were drawn into the enchanting world of Winne and casting a spell over the young audience. They giggled as Winnie’s magical mishaps turned her breakfast into a bouncy adventure, and they gasped in awe as Winnie transformed her house into a colourful spectacle to make Wilbur feel at home. The vibrant and detailed illustrations brought the story to life, making it feel as though they were right there with Winnie and Wilbur. The children were captivated by Winnie’s adventures, hanging onto every word as she discovered the magic within herself and the value of friendship. They could relate to her desire to make her beloved cat happy and her determination to set things right when spells went awry.

It was a great pleasure knowing that we had shared a special storytime session with the children, one that had kindled their love for books and the magic that can be found within their pages. “Winnie the Witch” had worked its timeless charm once more, leaving a lasting impression on both young and old alike. After the story ended, we made witches with the craft papers and ultimately, the craft time for making witches was a delightful journey that allowed the kids to express their creativity and immerse themselves in the enchanting world of magic and mysticism.

“A guest never forgets the host who treated him kindly”.

Last Saturday, we had an uninvited guest who came to tea at our storytime session. We had fun reading the classic picture book story of Sophie and her extraordinary teatime guest. The tea-guzzling tiger, who turns up unannounced and eats and drinks all the food/drinks was a big hit. Kids were super excited to see the stuffy tiger which was furry with black stripes just like the tiger from the story. We were transported into the home of a kind British family, so polite they wouldn’t dream of turning away a tiger at their door, and not making a fuss when the tiger eats everything in sight. When it came to the part where the tiger swallows all the sandwiches on the plate in one big mouthful ‘Owp’, we had too much fun imitating the tiger. We enjoyed imagining different endings to the story. After the story session, we made bookmarks with tiger faces. Some tigers were cute and others were a little scary…

Saturday Storytime

What can be more entertaining than the story of everyone’s favorite family cat? Last Saturday, we read the story of Mog the cat who did a bad thing during our storytime session. The gentle humour with the colourful, endearing pictures was a smashing hit with the little ones.

There was plenty to talk about as we went along, and plenty to smile about too. Mog’s toilet is referred to as her lavatory so we had to have a small chat about what that was before we could follow what was happening with naughty Mog. Some of the kids mentioned about the” Kandan Poocha “(Tom cat) of their house and how big they were. All of us had fun sharing our experience with cats of all kinds – white cats, black cats, fluffy cats, striped cats and the list went on. The heroic entry of Mog at the end of the story was a pleasant surprise for the kids. After reading and discussing the story, we made cat faces with the craft paper. Some cats were cute with crowns and others were scary with sharp teeth. Saturdays are always so much fun at Schoolkutti, but this one was a little bit extra special!

Saturday Story Time @ Schoolkutti

Reading and playing with our little readers brings us so much joy. Last Saturday we had fun reading the story of a lion who went for a feast at Muthumama and Mathumami’s house. The old couple prepared the feast, but they could not resist having the feast themselves. We had a good laugh imagining the hiding couple and the lion searching for them in anger. The narrative style of building up suspense at the end of every page is very interesting and made the kids crave more. The children had fun debating on how to end the story in this book. We found the illustrations beautiful and a true feast for the senses. We also had a small discussion about the South Indian dishes like dosas, sambar and chutney from the story. After the story session, we also made colorful lions with craft papers.