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Evaluate schools and choose the right one

Choosing a school becomes very important because it is here that your children will spend a vast majority of their time and get their foundation laid for lifelong learning and development. Many times when you relocate to a new place, the process of choosing a school for your kids can seem to be a daunting task. There are many questions to answer: Which are the popular schools in your locality? What are the facilities in the school? Does the school promote extra curricular activities? Are the activities provided matching your child’s interests and needs? Is the curriculum offered by the school appropriate for the child now and, also, for entry into higher education courses? Finding the answers from reliable sources and comparing schools before finally zeroing in on one involves a lot of effort on the side of parents. Not any more – sit back and relax while searching our list of schools according to your preferences and compare the available schools by visiting

Managing schools online……..

An online School Management portal, enabling schools to manage their entire education process online was launched today by a Technopark-incubated firm, Inometrics Technology. The portal aims at giving parents and students instant access to education, grades, attendance, time table, admission, faculty details and much more. It gives a school its own personalized website and allows the school management, teachers and parents to communicate directly and securely. The basic version is completely free of cost. The paid packages include GPS school bus tracking system, RFID attendance management system, RFID library management system, document digitization, live class rooms, online fee payment system, School ERP, etc. These can be selected based on school requirements.