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Story telling fairies at Children’s Library

‘The story is told eye to eye, mind to mind, heart to heart.’ – Scottish Proverb.

Two story-telling fairies visited Children’s Library with a potful of tales.

Two comedians dressed up as fairies, turned up by “accident” in the library, “a little lost” in the midst of the children. To spread happiness, they sang, danced, and told stories from their homeland. The stories were magical, funny, engaging and enthralling.

fanfan1 library oragnised a theatre-based storytelling workshop for children on Saturday. French actor Françoise Calvel selected two books named ‘Panda Goes to School’ and ‘Postman Pat’. She and Ajayan dressed up as clowns and acted out the characters for the children. The Workshop started at 5 PM and 31 children were participated. It was a truly interactive story telling session featuring lively music, fun masks, comedy and puppetry.

Story Art – A unique Art & Craft Workshop

The ‘Story Art’ workshop at Children’s Library began with the story of gingerbread man, which was read out by the participating children, from the book ‘Traditional Tales for Boys’.

The workshop was aimed at bringing stories to life, much like the gingerbread man who sprang to life when baked by an old lady. Arts and crafts instructors from Green Butterfly Edu Group patiently taught children various forms of visual expressions through the story – Madhubani through painting gingerbread man and glass painting to make the old lady.


As you know, the story starts in the kitchen. So the first thing the children learnt was painting on pots. In bedtime story books, everything is painted in pastel colours. But here the pots was adorned with acrylic colours and pearl colours. The villain in the story, the fox, was made with a finger puppet. So were the animals – the cow, pig and horse – who ran after the gingerbread man. The story chosen for the workshop was kept a secret until September 14, in vivid and crazy colours.