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“Baby and Dubdub”

Even into adulthood, children’s books have remained a source of joy and pleasure to some of us. These books of innocence, love, wonder and magic help us unwind, escape from the real world at least for a while, and come out relaxed and happier.

Here is my review of the latest children’s book “Baby and Dubdub” by our dear Khyrunnisa Ma’am.

The adorable new baby in the family definitely stole the spotlight but also brought new challenges to her sibling and his beloved pet Dubdub. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of these delightful kids whose sibling rivalry plays out in a humorous and engaging tale. Sweet and warm with humorous descriptions, this book can surely be used to prompt positive conversations about sibling co-operation. Through her warm and entertaining narration, the author demonstrates that in any family, love and affection will ultimately win the day.

This is book is already a hit at our Schoolkutti Children’s Library. So book your copy ahead, if you want to borrow this one. Children’s Library – Something for Everyone!

Something for Everyone!

Yes, we at library truly have something to offer everyone! Be it a 4-month-old enthusiastically drooling over board books, a teen addicted to mythic novels, or even a 70-year-old grandma hooked to Amar Chitra Katha comics, we have it all. We are Trivandrum’s first exclusive children’s library, and we have always had our finger on the pulse of children’s literature. We welcome bookworms with open arms and are specialists in converting non-bookworms to bookworms.

The past year has been stressful for a lot of parents and children, what with online classes, homeschooling, and work-from-home. With school out of the picture, children now find themselves with tons of free time which they are spending on screens. Predictably, parents are becoming more and more worried over the adverse effects of screen addiction. So what’s the simplest solution to wean kids off screens? Books, of course!

How to get kids away from screens and on to reading

How do you get kids to fall in love with books? The answer is fairly simple. Children imitate their parents. So all parents need to do is read books at home themselves. Your children will observe this and want to be a part of it. It is a natural process. So, practice the art of ‘strewing’ books casually around the house as an invitation for them to explore, read aloud to them, and try bedtime stories. Mix it up with picture books, comic books, encyclopedias, plays, and poems. Observe which ones appeal to your little ones. Read to them often, have story-telling sessions, try dramatizing stories – basically, take your kids on a journey they will love. And keep at it until it becomes a habit – for both parties.

If you are not the book-reading kind of parent, you may have tons of questions like what are the popular books these days, which books are age-appropriate and so on. To these questions, we have one answer – drop by library for a visit. A library membership is a practical and cost-effective solution for bookworms and bookworms-in-the-making, compared to building a personal collection of books from scratch.

At, we will get you going on this new journey with our helpful and knowledgeable staff to guide you and your kids according to their reading level. We give book recommendations, we have flexible lending plans, and now, we offer home delivery services as well (charges apply). Just pick out your books from our online catalog and opt for home delivery and we’ll have your books delivered to your doorstep.

We have a growing collection of books for adults as well, from self-help books to murder mysteries. We can confidently say that we are capable of covering your entire family’s reading needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on over and check us out. See you soon, fellow bookworms and bookworms-in-the-making!