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Summer Fun for Kids

Summer camps help your child develop their personality, build
essential life skills, make new friends and discover new interests.
Are you a parent looking for information about what summer camps are
available in your city during this vacation? You will find all the
information you need, right here, at

It is important for kids to spend time with other kids who share their
interests and abilities. Let your child get the opportunity to enjoy
fun activities and keep away from the world of television, internet
and video games. Summer camps can include a wide range of activities,
be it indoor activities or outdoor activities. There are even
well-structured programs that combine intensive language classes with
creative and leisure activities, thus making these courses rewarding
in addition to being entertaining.

Whatever are the interests and skills of your child, you’ll find a
summer camp to fit his or her needs at

Check out our comprehensive listing of summer camps here.

schoolkutti is here….

With, you can now discover the best your city has to
offer school going kids. We are starting with Trivandrum city and hope
to slowly spread out to the whole of Kerala and then cover the entire
country. From our site, you can easily find out where to take your
little ones for fun outings, creative workshops, hobby classes, summer
camps and what not! We also provide useful information about the
available exams and resources that help kids get involved in honing
their talents and bringing out the best in them.
We are still in the process of upgrading to offer our visitors more usefulinformation about what is available for kids in your city. Please keep
checking regularly for the latest updates. We look
forward to better serving you in the near future.