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New books to arrive at Children’s Library

Here is some exciting news for our library members. Yes, we are getting new titles for the children’s library soon. Already, the library has around 2600 titles covering all the ages from 0 to 15.

Our present catalog is here.

However, we would love to be able to give every member any book they wish for. Please send your wish list to and we will try our best to get them into our shelves.


Smart recruiting through

Do you have a child-related organization such as school, preschool, coaching class, hobby class, workshop or camp? We provide business owners with a cost-effective and efficient process for advertising, recruiting, selecting and hiring teachers and other staff. You can now place your job ad in the career page provided by As an introductory offer, we provide this service completely free of charge to you.

Your job vacancy will be listed here.

We request you to post clear, detailed job descriptions of the positions so that only suitable and qualified candidates contact you. You can decide how long you want the job posting to remain on our site, the expiry date is set when creating or editing the job posting. Each employer registration and job posting is reviewed by our admin team.

If you’d like us to post your job listing, email it to: We wish you quick success in finding the right candidates for your positions.

Got parenting queries? Expert advice is here

Parenting is not easy. It is a delightful experience, but also very challenging and can even be quite unnerving at times. We’re here to offer a helping hand to parents during this long and eventful journey. At every stage of the child’s development, a parent has specific child-related or education concerns. Our parenting expert addresses questions on a variety of fields with subjects such as early childhood, learning disabilities, elementary and preschool education, children’s learning styles in educational environments and more.

Dr Anish N R K, is a Psychiatrist at the Mental Health Center, Thiruvananthapuram. He is a Mental Health Expert with interest in Child Psychiatry. He is a sought-after speaker at schools and other educational institutions and has appeared in many TV shows. So post your questions and get personalized advice from our doctor at


Book Reading Session by Aswathy Karnaver at Castalia Summer Camp

Which child does not love listening to stories? Reading aloud or narrating stories to children is not just enjoyable and rewarding, it also stimulates their interest, imagination and language. It can also have a powerful and very positive influence on the lives of kids. Such events also open up the delightful world of books to non-readers and those who are struggling to read.

Recently Children’s conducted a story telling and reading workshop at the Castalia Summer Camp in Trivandrum. Aswathy Karnaver of Blue Sky Children’s Club shared the joy of books and reading with kids of ages 5 to 14 attending the summer camp on the 15th of April. She narrated a story about Vishu for the younger ones and read out an excerpt from the all-time-favorite ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl. Aswathy concluded by explaining how reading every day helps and why they should make regular visits to the library. The children enjoyed the wonderful interactive session that lasted for two hours.



Celebrating the accomplishments of young achievers

At, we value what your children get up to and accomplish as part of their academic or co-curricular activities. So we provide a platform for the educational community to share and recognize the achievements of kids.

Check out our “Achievements” page here.

To publish your child (student’s) achievement here, parents or institutions can send us an email to with the subject line “Achievements” and with the details (name, class, school, achievement, date of achievement) and also include limited number of photos.

Come and share the proudest moments of your little stars through the Achievements section of Yes, we can’t wait to hear all about them!

My Summer World 2014 – Summer Camp@Goethe Zentrum

This is what Goethe Zentrum has to say about their summer camp to be held in Trivandrum in April, 2014

Each child carries around with her/him a whole world of creative ideas. Full of busy ideas, each of these worlds creates a uniqueness that is often astonishing.
Come Summer time, the Goethe-Zentrum, Trivandrum will offer avenues for your child to let these ideas bloom – with four weeks of workshops on various activities that highlight the child’s creativity and offer a vacation time of fun.
Working in two age groups of 5 to 9 years and 10 to 14 years, the children will discover various aspects of Germany and learn German while exploring their talents for puppet theatre, cartooning, creative writing, painting, making hand shadows, and a lot more…

Apart from all this activity, they can also enjoy children’s films in German.

These workshops will be conducted by Indian and German experts.

This is the sixth year that the Goethe-Zentrum, the German Language and Culture Centre situated at Palayam is conducting these workshops. Going by the enthusiastic response and the delighted feedback that we got in the past five years, the children of Trivandrum can look forward to a unique experience this year too.
We invite your child to come and discover together with us how creative her/his world can be!

Dates: April 16 to May 16, 2014

Timings: 9.00 am to 2.00 pm

Fees: Rs. 6000/-

Only 40 seats available.

Summer Camp@ Bodhi School

This is what Bodhi School has to say about their summer camp to be held in Trivandrum in April, 2014

As exams are coming to an end and the temperatures soaring high already, parents must be thinking about ways to engage their child for vacation. Make this summer productive, educative and fun filled for your child by introducing them to Bodhi summer camp. In its third consecutive year of summer camp, Bodhi has been exuberating with energy and life skill developmental activities for children of all ages. We have separate activities for various age groups. This will help us organise activities that are interesting and fun for them which also help in their overall development. As always spoken English and public speaking is a part of Bodhi way. They will be introduced to our good old traditional games like ‘eerkili kali’ etc. Dancing and learning magic will add more vigour and energy too! We give them an opportunity to learn from the best child friendly trainers in Trivandrum! We add variety and interesting techniques for older kids in their pre-teens that help coach them in various life skills like self-defence in Kung Fu, cooking skills, planting vegetables and flower beds etc. As we introduced them to jewellery making like simple studs and anklets and bracelets last year, this year it will be the trendy terracotta and quil art jewellery. We also plan to help them use these life skills to market their crafts and cooking skills during the Parents meet at the end of summer camp. The proceeds will go to the needy. So make the right decision by giving your child the right avenue to enjoy and do some cool activities this summer. Sit back and relax to watch them bloom this summer!