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The third programme in the Creative Writing Series at Schoolkutti was held on 20, 21 September 2018. The session was on Writing Essays Effectively and it was facilitated by Ms. Anitha S, Asst. Prof of English. The first day’s session began with writing short paragraphs which eventually lead one to writing essays. The first paragraph,that the 11 participants wrote, was on making omelettes, rather it was a piece on each one’s personal experience of making omelettes , rather it was a piece on each one’s personal experience of making an omelette. It was an interesting experience the participants said, as it brought them to something commonplace. It was also a new revelation that it isn’t easy to write about mundane things!! Then the session proceeded to a more complex exercise- like how to write an essay. The facilitator provided the participants with a power point presentation which helped them to understand the steps of writing an essay- starting with the introduction. The participants were the asked to write down a topic for an essay in the chits of paper provided to them.This ensured that there were many topics to write about, which was interesting to the participants. They were divided into groups of 3-4 which helped in generating a lively discussion among the participants. The group dynamics that evolved was highly beneficial to the participants and a session of such a nature. Day 1 ended with a brainstorming session for 10 minutes.


Day 2 began with a recap of the previous day’s activities. The relevance of the Thesis statement and the structure of the 5 paragraph essay was discussed. On Day 2 we actually went on to work on the topic –Pros and Cons of the Glamour World. Again a brain storming session was conducted and key words were enlisted on the board.After that the actual writing process started. It was an interesting exercise as we were dealing with a current and socially and culturally relevant topic . The participants were seen discussing the points to be included. The introduction and the thesis statement set they were seen writing the essay. Modifications and corrections were suggested by the facilitator. After that the final draft was prepared. Altogether it was a very rewarding experience for the 11 participants and the facilitator.




Happiness Box

We collected Rs. 1700/- as registration fee for the ‘Kathayamma’ storytelling program conducted by Children’s Library on Sep 9. School stationery worth Rs. 1950/- were purchased and handed over to the Club FM team as ‘Happiness Boxes’ for supplying to flood hit areas. Thanks to all the participants of the Kathayamma program. Thanks much to our Kathayamma and her daughter Anjali Rajan Dileep for spreading happiness everywhere. Anjali is the program head at Club FM and has been associated with Schoolkutti right from the beginning.

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One day One story

Team Schoolkutti celebrated the International Literacy Day with the adorable little ones at Govt. LP School, Sasthamangalam as part of the ‘One Day One Story’ campaign organized by Pratham Books. It was an interactive session with about 50 kids in the 3-8 years age group and the book was ‘A Cloud of Trash’ by Pratham Books. We loved the cute story of Cheekoo which conveyed a much-needed positive message (encouraging kids to keep the surroundings neat and tidy) in simple words. We read out the story in English, but explained in Malayalam for easy understanding. At the end, the children promised to always practise and promote better waste management. Towards the end, we shared chocolates and enjoyed singing together, the right song for the day -‘Bits of paper, bits of paper…”







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Storytime with Grandma

Storytime with Grandma (Kathayamma) ->
We had a magical story time with a sweet grandma ‘Kathayamma’.Children were all ears when she read some cool stories of yesteryear and sang catchy songs/rhymes in Malayalam. It was great to see the little ones interacting actively by listening, singing, acting out, sharing anecdotes and asking questions. Such fun…towards the end, none of the kids wanted to leave!!






Schoolkutti Library Home Delivery

Wish to request for home delivery of books from Children’s Library? Here are the steps.
1. Browse the catalog of books in the website
schoolkutti catalog
2. Choose the books you wish to read
3. Send an email to or whatsapp 9847320281 with the names of books
4. If any of the books are not available for lending, you have the option to reserve the books
5. We will let you know if any book has been lent out. If so, please choose another book to borrow.


Grady’s Super Skill Programme

Fun and inspiring drama classes by HelenO’Grady International in progress at Children’s Library. Lovely to see the children growing in confidence, building new friendships and having a great time. Drama lessons are fantastic for preparing students to live and work in a team-orientated world as they learn vital skills such as tolerance and empathy. Skills that are learned studying drama with Helen O’Grady Drama Academy are invaluable in later life.