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Magical performance by HelenO’Grady morning batch

At the end of the Saturday morning drama program by HelenO’Grady International at Schoolkutti, the children presented a short, scripted production for parents on Jan 20th Sunday.
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It was highly anticipated, as it gave the students a chance to demonstrate their improved communication and performance skills! Parents also joined in this celebration as they observe increased confidence, communication skills, and in many cases, obvious talent!The show was a delight to watch. All the parents appreciated the effectiveness of the programme as it reflected in the quality and professionalism of the performance.
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‘Celebrating Words-New Year Special’

So we had our WordPlay program at Schoolkutti after a long break. In fact, it was the first one this year.

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What could be a better book to kick off our new year than our all-time-favorite ‘Gajapati Kulapati’? Had a great time sharing this awesome story with our budding bookworms at the library yesterday morning.
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Kids loved this way-too-funny picture book all about the adorable elephant ‘Gajapati Kulapati’ and his sneezing adventure. We had fun imitating his sneeze and also acting out all the accidents that followed. #Schoolkutti #WordPlay #GajapatiKulapati #StoryFun #Storytelling #TrivandrumLibrary.
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“Engaging with our little lap-sitting listeners at the library, during our guided-reading session. This is the best way to plant and nurture the love of reading in children. word

MsMoochie titles are one of the most chosen ones at Schoolkutti. Thanks, MsMoochie for the enriching reading experience. #MsMoochie #BillyChews #Schoolkutti #KidsLibrary #TrivandrumLibrary #EarlyReaders

Poetry Workshop

“Teen author Shelley Mishra conducted a poetry workshop at Children’s Library on 12th January, 2019. Shelley discussed how we can turn the everyday into the extraordinary through insightful poetry. The audience loved her beautiful poetry and also learned how to interpret poems to gain a more conscious understanding of how a poem achieves its effects. Children also presented their own poems and got feedback from the young writer. Thanks Shelley for inspiring our children! Looking forward to more such sessions in future also.
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Poetry 1 - Copy

Poetry 2

Poetry 3

Poetry 4

Poetry 5

Twinkling Stars

Thanks to Renju Chandran (Scientist, ISRO) for conducting an extra session of the space workshop at the Children’s Library in spite of her busy schedule. She introduced the little ones to the enthralling world of space and encouraged them to ask questions and apply their reasoning to every concept that was discussed.