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For Saturday storytime, we chose a unique book that delivers an eco-friendly message – “A Cloud of Trash” written by Karanjeet Kaur tells the story of a little girl Cheekoo and the mystery behind the trash cloud that hang over her head. Is there a better way to educate children about the negligence in the way we handle our trash that might actually cause clouds of trash to attack us some day. Kids enjoyed the story and pledged that they would never litter and would ensure that the garbage goes into the garbage bins. Can you guess what was the creative craft activity for the children after the storytime? Paper dustbins, of course 🙂

Helen O’Grady’s Speech & Drama

Helen O’Grady’s drama classes in progress at our library. These sessions help children help children relate better to different situations, context and even cultures.
Dramatic play encourages children to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Such role-playing helps them to improve their ability to do this in real life. They learn important social skills, such as empathy – the ability to view the world from another person’s perspective without judgement.

Helen O’Grady Speech & Drama

Helen O’Grady drama offers a series of drama classes that help with confidence building and resilience for children and young adults. Drama develops communication skills by bringing out their inner voices and through interactive activities. Cheers to this giggling, goofy batch of talented children having fun at Children’s Library!

HelenO’Grady Speech & Drama

Fun and inspiring drama classes by HelenO’Grady International in progress at Schoolkutti. Lovely to see the children growing in confidence, building new friendships and having a great time. Skills that are learned studying drama with Helen O’Grady Drama Academy are invaluable in later life.

Story Time (The Magic Block)A lovely start to our Saturday!

Today we discovered a beautiful way of explaining magnets to children.
We chose a lovely book from Pratham books – “The Magic Block” written by Lavina Mahbubani. It tells us the story of Rinky who finds a magic block in her bhaiya’s drawer. Kids were eager to know about the magic block and were amazed to see how it pulls only certain items towards it. They were curious to know how it works, and we had fun discussing the mechanism of magnets. Kids also enjoyed making paper boxes and coloring them during the craft session that followed.

The power of storytelling creates a great platform for fostering an interest in STEM learning, while creating a reading culture where learning is not confined to classrooms and textbooks.

Wishing you a week full of love,
Team Schoolkutti

HelenO’Grady’s Drama Workshop

HelenO’Grady’s drama workshop in progress at Schoolkutti. These classes develop confidence, self-esteem, verbal communication, all round social interaction and a positive approach to life in children.

Rain stories at Schoolkutti

We started the new month with a truly entertaining story. Our storyteller Soumy did a magical narration based on the book ”The Magic Umbrellas” by Theertha Raj, which tells the story of a little girl and her missing umbrellas. The gripping story that kept the kids curious till the very end, also dwelt upon the special bonding between kids and their grandparents. Children enjoyed sharing their personal experience with missing umbrellas. We ended the fun-filled day with a fabulous craft activity.