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Congrats to our young science wizards!

The science exhibition held as part of the Revenue District Educational Fair concluded at Government GHSS, Cotton Hill, on Wednesday. School students of twelve sub-districts participated in the event.

Vivek C R and Sree Ganga B S of New Higher Secondary School, Nellimoodu, displayed a public transportation facility which works on electromagnetic induction with minimal fuel consumption and energy loss. They were inspired by an article in ‘Reader’s Digest’ on the Korean Government’s implementation of a road transport system using electromagnetic induction.

Another interesting display was a ‘Wireless helmet ignition’ presented by Atheerth Chandran and Aromal M S of AMHSS, Thirumala. The helmet conceived by them ensures safety of the passenger and even helps him in case of an emergency by sending an automatic alert to 108. The model also has an anti-theft alarm.

Another interesting model was a ‘rhetrolic wheelchair’ a very useful equipment for elders and the physically-challenged, designed by Greeshma M S and Jollymol J of St Chrysostom Girls HSS, Nellimoodu.

Congrats to all the young science wizards!

More information is available in these links.

Children’s day carnival at Friends Playschool & Kindergarten

On children’s day, Friends Playschool & Kindergarten conducted a carnival for kids (aged 3 to 7) and their parents. When the skies opened up early on the morning of 13, it seemed like the Children’s day carnival planned for Nov 14 was going to be washed out, but the school staff decided that even if it did rain, they were going to turn it into a rain dance party. In the end they worried for nothing- the sun shone, the children came not knowing what to expect…and were kicked by the carnival atmosphere of the morning.

They honored Nehru in so many small ways- the rose, his favorite flower was a motif that popped up in the coloring contest, the pinning the rose contest, and the badges. the magic show featured a birthday cake and a the memory quiz was based on the storytelling session that focused on anecdotes about Nehru. For the older kids there was a ‘sensational’ stall for them to guess objects in a box by just feeling…some were super quick. The parents were not left bored sitting on the sidelines- they were made to sit up and take notice – the school staff presented a challenge to them- watch a demo of how to make a Nehru cap and produce the same in a size to fit their child’s head. Surprisingly, (or not so surprisingly) only 3 managed to complete the task. Just goes to show you that parents too need to train their listening muscle. The do up your own cup cake and the zenzerro cookie, donut and chocolate stand was a super hit as was the tattoo bar and body shop. The kids had a blast and the school staff did too when they saw their delight.

We need more such activity workshops and events for kids in Trivandrum. Kudos to Friends team for organizing such a fun day for children on their special day 🙂

Unleash the creative potential of our children

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try” ~ Dr. Seuss

Children are naturally curious and imaginative. As parents, you need to provide them the opportunity to be the best innovators they can be – encourage your children to think out of the box, give them creative outlets and chances to experiment and inspire them by showing the examples of children who have applied their creativity to generate wonderful ideas. Like Atheerth Chandran from Trivandrum, who is truly a serial innovator. Atheerth says he had a passion for trying out new things right from childhood. He got fascinated with electronics when he attended the basic electronics vacation course at Jawahar Balbhavan in Trivandrum. Atheerth says his parents were very supportive and always encouraged him to pursue his interests.


A turning point in his life was his meeting with Mr. T.J James, Director of Innoaction India, an organization that promotes innovation & creativity at all levels. He motivated Atheerth to submit his project for Ignite, an annual national competition to harness the creative and innovative spirit of school children. Atheerth’s innovation, an Automatic Blade Swinging (ABS) Ceiling Fan won him the IGNITE National Award 13, organized by National Innovation Foundation, Government of India.

In a normal fan, the three blades are set to the upper base of the fan in 180 degree angle. In the case of this new generation automatic blade swinging ceiling fan, when 250 Volts AC passes through the two coils of the fan it spins. The spinning power helps the fan’s blades to swing upward. While switching off the fan, spinning power decreases. As a result, the blades swing downward. Use of this fan is that both sides of the blades can be easily cleaned, which is tough in the case of a normal fan. In this fan, a door hinge is used for the upward and downward movement.

Here is a short video about this innovation.

Here are some of the other innovations by Atheerth.

1.Laser light Remote controlling devices

Operate electrical appliances with the help of laser light

2. Stun Gun (safety device for women)

A device which helps women to defend themselves

3.Computerized Remote Controlling Appliances

Control home appliances using laptops and desktop computers

4. Automatic Bird Trap

When a bird enters the cage; the cage door automatically closes

5.Remote Controlling of Crackers

Using a toy walkies-talkie wireless set, we can control fire works; safely from a limited distance

6. Mechanical Power to Electrical Power.

Using an orbitrek, we can generate electricity while exercising

7. Remote controlling School Bell.

Using cell phones, we can operate school bells from a distance

8. Harm Less Short Range Gun.

9. Safety Switch.

Turning on a switch with wet hand can cause an electric shock, but this switch will never cause a shock, even when the hand is wet with salt water.

10. House Security System.

When a person tries to unlock our house, we will get an alert in our cell phone. Also, the thief will get an electric shock through the lock. The balcony lights and security lights will also turn on.

Atheerth, wish you good luck with your future innovations! May you be a source of inspiration for all our children….

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Check out the event registration page that we have provided for the Children’s day celebration event at Friends Playschool and Kindergarten.

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Activities for kids @Trivandrum this week

Whats there for kids @Trivandrum this week?

If your kids are aged between 3 and 7, visit Friends Playschool and Kindergarten at 10 a.m.on Thursday, November 14 for a Fun Bonanza. Storytelling, quizzing, splashing out with paints and colours to kick off the day and a tattoo bar and magic show thrown in to give that extra zing to the morning! Surprise gifts and unusual contests are on the cards for the kids and parents.

You can also visit Ambrosia Kowdiar between 12 PM and 7 PM on 14th Nov for participating in their children’s day celebrations. There will be platform for singing and dancing, free lucky draw contest and 50% discount for Kids’ Meals. Hurry, registration is free for kids below 8 years.

Jawahar Balabhavan is conducting a drawing competition for children at 8:30 AM on 14th November. For more details, you can contact 2316477.

Sruthi S J of Saraswathi Vidyalaya will lead the would lead the rally and public meeting on November 14 as part of the children’s day celebrations organized by Govt. of Kerala on November 14 as the Children’s Prime Minister.

If you are a hard core Hrithik Roshan fan and your kids love masked super heroes, you can unwind with Krish3. Another option is the new Malayalam movie for kids ‘Philips and the Monkey Pen’ which is supposed to be a charming movie that appeals to both adults and kids, according to the reviews.

Fun Event @Friends Playschool and Kindergarten on Children’s Day

They are buzzin’ from 10 a.m.on Thursday, November 14 at Friends Playschool and Kindergarten. It’s going to be a Fun Bonanza for anyone between the ages of 3 and 7. Storytelling, quizzing, splashing out with paints and colours to kick off the day and a tattoo bar and magic show thrown in to give that extra zing to the morning! Surprise gifts and unusual contests are on the cards for the kids and parents. Only limited seats available, so be sure to call Sreedevi- 9446303085 or Susan-9995120384 to book your place. For more details visit What do you say people- are you up for some FUN?