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Our storytime book this weeekend was Dada’s Useless Present” written by Nalini Sorensen, a gladsome story centered around a spry, 82 year-old grandfather and his unusual birthday present. It beautifully captures the spirit of aging grandparents who refuse to give up their independence. Our participants enjoyed the story and shared sweet memories of the unique and loving bond they share with grandparents. Kids made lovely birthday cards for their grandparents with touching messages. They all agreed to this saying “Grandparents are old, but their love will never grow old”❤

Storytime : “Mangoes and Mischief”

Storytelling at our library is for kids to have fun, engage with books, enhance their creativity and discuss new ideas.This week it was a sweet-sour story, we chose “Mangoes and Mischief” written by Sreedevi Gopakumar. The story revolves around three characters Malu, Moidooty, Mangasura( demon). Kids loved the illustrations, especially Mangasura’s – they found him adorable instead of scary. This story set in Kerala, brings an air of mango- filled festivity and celebration in its pages.The author has mentioned some dishes made with mangoes such as pickle, lassi, dried mango and so on that are mouthwatering. Kids were craving for those by the end of the story. They absolutely enjoyed the story and the accompanying craft of making cute paper mangoes.

Author Reading Event: Vikram Sarabhai – The Space Man Children’s Library had the privilege of receiving Shailaja Nair, author of the children’s book “Vikram Sarabhai: The Space Man” on 13th August. It was a pleasure for all the participants to interact with the author and listen to her narrate the story of Vikram Sarabhai on the occasion of his 103rd birth anniversary. The author provided an incredible insight on the visionary that Dr. Sarabhai was and how much what we have today is a result of his genius and untiring efforts.

The children were bursting with questions that they wanted her to answer.
The number of questions asked was a testimony to the excitement and eagerness of the students. The curiosity and thought process behind the questions delighted the author.

Storytime – Granny’s Saree

For Saturday’s story session, we chose a simple, yet heartwarming story “Granny’s Sari” written by Asha Nehemiah. It tells about the journey of a granny and her granddaughter in search of a sari which was blown away by the wind. Eventually they do find the sari but not in the way they expected to. They met many persons who have used the sari to their advantage and finally it became clothes for 3 children of poor fisherwoman. This story teaches kids the value of giving and sharing. Kids liked the story and they shared their experience on sharing their lunch, snacks and pencils with their friends.

Sharing is when you become selfless and help others and find joy in it.


Have you ever tried a sweet dumpling called Kozhukatta? Today we chose a humorous foodie tale “Kozhukatta”, written by Sumi Chandrashekharan which tells the story of Ponnu who is a such a forgetful person! One day Ponnu tries this delicious spongy coconut filled Kozhukatta at his friend’s place, but finds it tough to remember the name. He is unable to think of anything except this on his way to home, yet how he struggles with it is absolutely hilarious. Our children couldn’t stop giggling throughout the narration. We are sure they must have asked their parents to make this mouth-watering snack as soon as they reached home

HOG Speech & Drama

No other programmes offer the lasting benefits than Helen o’ Grady. This drama class gives children lots of opportunity to develop confidence in communication. This helps to improvise with speech throughout the lesson and encourage the students to explore what they can do with language. Speech training is a specific part of the lesson dedicated to helping the students to develop clear speech.