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Career – Choices for the Future

Career orientation session by LMonk and Viza International at schoolkutti



Grady’s Super Skill Program

Enabling a child to speak with confidence, engage an audience and, above all, to believe in themselves are absolutely fundamental to their development, and to their future success in life. Children’s Library in associated with HelenOGrady International is conducting Grady’s Super Skill Program at the library premises. The techniques employed by its specially trained staff are specifically designed to build a child’s confidence, self-esteem and communication skills, all of which will play a key role in their future development – and all in a fun way! Parents have been telling us how much the children look forward to attending the sessions. Here are a few glimpses from the program.




Story time at schoolkutti


We sang some songs, we shared some tales, we learnt new words and we made new friends while having LOTS of fun! Join us next week for another session of non-stop fun!


Sharing a love of words.


It is such a delight to see the kids reading independently and with enthusiasm.

Grady’s Super Skill Program at schoolkutti

At Children’s Library, we believe all children should have the chance to enjoy the benefits of tapping into their inner creativity. That is why we have collaborated with HelenO’Grady, the world clas drama academy. Their drama classes are dedicated to making that happen, so every child can shine. The Super Skill Program kicked off on June 8 (saturday morning) at the library. Children had a lovely time expressing, acting out and learning to be more confident and creative – and all in a fun way!
Thanks, HelenO’Grady team, for making this happen!




Story Time


We absolutely enjoy what we do on saturday mornings at the library – stories, songs and games with the bubbly little ones. This saturday we kicked off our ‘Word Play’ session with a cute little story – ‘in Where’s That Cat’ by Manjula Padmanabhan. It is one of those books that makes your smile grow bigger as you move from page to page savoring the delightful illustrations. All the kids joined Minnie in her search for Pooni- it was such fun trying to spot that naughty cat in each page.





Essay writing workshop

The essay writing workshop held at Children’s Library on June 2 was a very inspiring and interesting way to guide students towards writing effective essays. The fun games and quizzes, brain storming activities, writing tips and guidelines were presented by Ms. Geethu, first prize winner in the essay writing competition conducted by Competition Success Review, a leading magazine for civil service preparations.


The highlights of the program were as follows.

* 6 stages of writing an essay
* Pen down ideas through mind mapping
* Write and pronounce well through vocab works
* Spirit of teamwork through games
* Develop quick logical thinking

The session also encouraged students to reflect upon their writing habits and practice more. Children left with an enhanced ability to create well structured essays and the confidence to project their inner voice.