Monthly Archives: October 2023

A Self-Motivation Storytime @ Schoolkutti

Schoolkutti is committed to nurturing young readers through the power of storytelling. This Sunday we had a special storytime session featuring the beloved children’s book, “Just Like Papa” which deals with a first brush with failure, and reminds us to follow our heart.

The star of the day was Young ’Genius Gee’ who dreams of becoming an artist like her father But as the story goes on Gia is not able to paint her ideas and imagination onto the canvas. Gia’s grandmother helps her to discover her hidden talent for writing stories. Gia’s story inspired the kids to follow their hearts and find their own true talent. Kids’ laughter and engagement filled the room, making it clear that the story had captured their hearts.

After the story concluded, it was time for a craft activity. The kids were given craft papers and we made colourful butterflies.