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Fun Time Story Time @ Schoolkutti

Making reading a fun activity through storytime associates story-telling with excitement to develop the idea of reading as a pleasure and not a chore. Here are some glimpses of our new librarian-cum-storyteller engaging the little ones through stories and songs last weekend.






Story Time@SreeDhanya

Some fantastic children’s stories came alive at Sreedhanya Apartments, Pongummoodu last weekend. Kids thorougly enjoyed the books ‘Gappu can’t dance’ and ‘The weight lifting princess’. These books were provided by Pratham Books as part of their annual “One Day, One Story” campaign. Each book carried a lovely message which will remain in their hearts for ever. We also danced to the Boogie Woogie song. Thanks to Pratham books for giving us a platform to spread the love and joy of reading.
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These will be our treasured memories – the enthusiastic participation, the wide smiles, the unbounded joy and energy of kids made it all so worthwhile.

Science Fair Project Assistance for School Children of Trivandrum

Got an idea for your science fair project, but not sure how to make the model from the material? now offers assistance in building simple science, mini electronics, mini electrical, physics, solar and many other kinds of models using thermocol and other materials as per your need. Only assistance in building the model will be provided. Students will need to make their own models because only then they will learn. Please contact 7994906790 with your requirement for details.

veg plane

World Literacy Day with One Day One Story of Pratham Books

Saranya C Das of Schoolkutti taking kids on a delightful journey with the two gems from Pratham Books on the occasion of Word Literacy Day.WLD1




HOG Speech and Drama Performance

At the end of a series of drama sessions, the students attending HelenO’Grady Speech and Drama classes at Children’s Library presented a short, scripted production for family and friends at our Pongummoodu library premises on 31st August. The play, which was based on the all-time-favourite book ‘Alice In Wonderland’, saw enthusiastic participation and created magic moments for the children and audience. hogperform2





It was lovely to witness the wonderful team spirit and hard work wherein the children, along with their coaches, worked together to achieve delightful results! Parents were also thrilled as they observed increased confidence, communication skills and talent in our young performers! Congrats to the participants for their superb performance. Thanks and Kudos to the HOG team for their sincere efforts.

Children Playing on the Lawn

Are libraries just places where you have to be quiet and read? At our Pongummood library, we have great outdoor space that is natural and perfect for free play. Parents who come with their little ones to choose books are encouraged to let their kids make use of this play area. Here are some pictures of children playing to their hearts’ content.lawn3






One Day, One Story

As some of you already know, International Literacy Day is on September 8, which is a Sunday.
Pratham Books’ annual story reading event – One Day, One Story – is happening on World Literacy Day, September 8, 2019. The idea behind the campaign is to encourage children to fall in love with reading. Run completely by a fabulous community of volunteers – Pratham Books Champions – One Day, One Story, this time, will see two book being read, free of cost, to groups of children across India. They focus on reaching children from under-served communities. More details here:

There are two titles from which the volunteers can choose, depending on the audiences: Gappu Can’t Dance is a Level 1 book written by Menaka Raman and illustrated by Krishna Chandan for younger kids, while The Weightlifting Princess is a Level 3 book written by Sowmya Rajendran and illustrated by Debasmita Dasgupta for older kids.
one day

Every year, the Schoolkutti team members eagerly enroll as Pratham book reading champions and read stories to under-privileged children through Govt. Schools or NGOs. If any of you are connected to any interested schools/organizations which would be interested in listening to our stories, please do let us know. We might not be able to visit all those schools this week itself, but we shall definitely plan to conduct story sessions at those institutions as and when possible. Thanks so much for your support. Together, let’s spread the joy of reading.