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Smash it Butterfingers!


Look out! It’s Butterfingers again at Schoolkutti!
‘Smash it Butterfingers’, the latest smashing book from the ButterFingers series by Khyrunnisa A is now available at Schoolkutti. The Butterfingers books have always been a big hit with the young members of our library. Amar and his friends are brimming with enthusiasm to succeed in a badminton tournament that is to be played on Friday the thirteenth. Will they succeed? This hilarious page-turner is recommended for lovers of the sport as it is for readers who know nothing about the game.

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What’s the big secret? Why You Need to Know . . . Period

What are periods? And why is it such a big secret? 11-year-old Aditya really wants to know. Ever since Rhea didi began getting brown paper packages, there’s been something that no one is telling him. …

Told with a lot of humour and heart, this conversation starter, “What’s the Big Secret” (Puffin), a full-colour illustrated book on periods, helps everyone, especially boys, understand the bodily process and quell their curiosity.

It’s a much-needed book that aims to expel the stigma attached to the concept and help parents engage in difficult conversations about growing up with their children.

by Sonali Shenoy