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Family StoryTime


Farmer Falgu has had enough of his noisy farm! When the mooing, clucking, and quacking on his farm become too much for him to handle, Farmer Falgu decides to set out on a journey to find some silence. Does he find it? Come with your child to Children’s Library to enjoy Farmer Falgu’s adventure. After the story, we will also have songs and craft for ‘Family Storytime’ at the library. Come, join the fun with Bina Maria Mathews on 31st March (Saturday) at 4 PM. Please do register early to ensure a seat. Family StoryTime

Summer programs at Learning Alternatives


This April, in our summer program at Learning Alternatives, we want to work with a small group of children on a few things that we believe will really make a difference.

With the older children (10+ years) we plan to work on a social action project. This project based learning program will help children sharpen their problem solving and expressive skills in a real world context. Site visit, debate, news analysis, presentation, putting together a street theatre performance etc are some of the key elements of this program. Above all, the program aims to instill in children the belief that they can make a difference.

The project timings are from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, weekdays, April 2 to 27th.

For younger children( 3 to 9 years) in April we have programs that has to do with creating things with clay and other materials, retelling stories and recreating them with puppets and on stage, having lots of fun playing…

In May (2nd to 11th), we have a 10 day camp exclusively for children with special needs.

You’ll find more about us at and

For details you could call: 9886105031

Lions, hairstyles and more – Story Time at Schoolkutti


Reading keeps us happy at schoolkutti on Saturday mornings. This weekend’s read aloud choice was the book ‘Lion Goes for a Haircut’ from Tulika Publishers. We enjoyed this delightful story and had fun discussing some amusing anecdotes about hair cutting saloons, hair style preferences and lions in general.


After finishing the book, the listeners were asked to guess other possible endings to the story. There were some laugh-out-loud moments when children came up with wild ideas like the hair stylist giving the lion a fantastic hair cut, requesting him to be a model for his saloon and even explaining the concept of reflection to him.


WonderYears Maker Space


The Wonder Years Maker Space.
Starting April, 2018. Time: 1:30PM to 3:00PM
Locations: Pongummoodu and Pettah.
Ages: 8 yrs and above.

Children are naturally curious. Children are natural problem solvers. Children also have a lot of pent up energy. The way they usually spend this energy is by breaking something at home while trying to learn the workings of certain gadgets.
Tinkering helps channelize this energy into creative scientific explorations by not only cementing the knowledge that they already have but also helping in gaining more skills in the process.
Tinkering and making experiences support fundamental S.T.E.M thinking and learning leading to more confident, focused, proactive learners who have the ability to deal with temporary failures on the way to ultimate success.
Benefits: Problem solving, creative thinking, Skills development
At our maker space, the first of its kind in Trivandrum, we give real world open-ended problems for children to solve. Using the basic items and components available, they have to come up with a working solution for these problems.