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Why Schoolkutti Quiz Buzz for your child?

Dear parents, why should your child go for Schoolkutti Quiz Buzz? – Schoolkutti Quiz Buzz is the first if its kind quiz contest for school children. Every week, this interesting online picture quiz is specially prepared for students in Trivandrum, with cool prizes sponsored by Premier Office Equipment Co. At the end of the contest, all entries with the correct answers will be entered in a random drawing to select the winner.

Participants benefit from exposure to a broad range of topics ranging from general knowledge and current affairs to history and science. More then the motivation from awards, the educational aspect triggers their curiosity and enables them to research more on areas related to the topics covered in the quiz. So parents, encourage your child to see this contest as a personal challenge for self-development. Get your children to compete week after week, and watch them learn and grow.

Click here to participate in the latest Schoolkutti Quiz Buzz.


Meditalk@JaiHind TV- Positive Parenting by Dr. Anish N R K

Positive parenting is the key to make sure your kids will grow up to be good adults. Parenting is both a skill and an art, and expert professional advice will help parents to better their skill. Tomorrow (September 3 at 1:30 PM), Dr. Anish N R K (Psychiatrist and Mental Health Expert with interest in Child Psychiatry) will discuss positive parenting in Meditalk Live, on Jaihind TV Channel. He will also respond to parenting queries posed by the callers. Watch and participate to understand the skills every parent must have to effectively shape the behavior of their children.