Monthly Archives: February 2017

Exam Preparation Tips from the Expert Children’s Library conducted a unique exam preparation workshop ‘Exam Busters’ that includes expert advice and games that guided children in the following areas.

– Applying memory technique
– Managing time effectively
– Developing positive body language and confidence
– Eliminating stress

It was facilitated by Dr. Anish N R K (Psychiatrist in charge of Child Clinic, Government Mental Health Center).
Dr. Anish started by asking the children a question – how much can your brain store? When a baby is born itself, it has many neurons. However, connections are made as the child grows up. Capacity of the brain is actually not limited as many people think. It was interesting to hear that memory is like a huge library with unlimited storage. Receiving books (Registration), Storing books (Retention) and Retrieving books (Recall).
Chances of registering into the brain can be increased by sending information through multiple channels such as saying it aloud, writing, drawing, imagining, researching, converting, questioning and quizzing based on it and also by teaching it to others.

Students can be categorized into auditory learners and visual learners. Dr. Anish gave useful tips for both types of learners. He pointed out that concentration is very important to register details well. He spoke about various exercises and yogasanas such as Vrikshasana (tree pose) that can improve concentration skills.

He also mentioned that it is normal to forget things. If information is well connected, it is easy to retain the details. So it is important to rehearse using various techniques such as flash cards. Memory games are good to practice recall. He explained memory techniques such as flash cards, acronyms and associations.

Dr. Anish added that memory card games and brain exercises such as crosswords, sudoku and chess also help in brain development. Children had fun playing some memory games to exercise their brain.

Most importantly, he advised the children not to cram for an exam because this only keeps information in the short term memory and adds to your stress. Always prepare for an exam well in advance. Sleeping well and eating right is also essential to keep the brain fresh.

Last, but not the least, there is no point in being restrained by our own thoughts. Be confident of your own capabilities and success is going to be yours.