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Emerging writers series of Schoolkutti Children’s Library #3 & #4

Check out this amazing prank story from our creative writing workshop written by Aliyah R Nishanth

Go through this beautiful poem about April Fool written as a part of our creative writing workshop by Jyothy Rachel Tom

Storytime – Winnie the Witch

Last Saturday’s story session was all about magic and a lot of fun. Winnie, the Witch, had a series of trouble since her house and pet cat was both black. As a result, she decided to alter the cat’s colour to green, and then to a blend of other shades, which made her beloved cat seem bizarre and made him unhappy. Because Winnie adored her cat, she desired to restore the cat’s black colour and modify the colour of her home. The kids stated that Winnie could have done this sooner and avoided the problems since she is a brilliant witch after all. Maybe she enjoyed her black house so much, but she eventually realized that her love for her cat outweighed her love for the black house. We chose to play line game as our language game and made spider webs for crafts, and painted various spiders on them.


The previous Saturday’s story time was about Buddy, a new dog in town who wants to make friends. So, he began to befriend a few animals, beginning with a mouse and moving to cats, rabbits, and even a dog of his breed. But none of them appeared welcoming, which made our Buddy unhappy. He afterward decided, with the assistance of a fox, to ask these animals why they don’t want to be friends with him. They were all afraid Buddy might attack them, which is why they were hostile. The children enjoyed the story and agreed that Buddy should have asked this question before becoming unhappy. They also mentioned that they initially found a new kid rude but eventually became excellent friends at school. As a language game, we played charades, and for crafts, we made origami dogs.

Emerging writers series of Schoolkutti Children’s Library #2

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