Monthly Archives: May 2022

Mother’s Day Celebration

It’s that time of year again, time to celebrate all the awesome mothers out there! At Children’s Library, we celebrated Mother’s Day with heartwarming stories of love, of fun and of longing for our mothers. This year, we chose a lovely story about the bond between a mother and child – “Are you my mother” by PD Eastman. This classic story follows a baby bird in search of its mother. From a cat to a hen, the baby bird asks everyone it meets, “Are you my mother?” – until finally being reunited with its own. We also sang and danced to some lovely mother’s day songs. After the song and story time, the little ones enjoyed a game of musical chair. Finally, it was time to make some beautiful Mother’s Day cards to gift their mommies. It goes without saying that something handmade is likely to be most precious and would make our mothers happiest. They left for home, eagerly waiting to proudly present their lovely artwork to their mommies. On the whole, it was one of the best Mother’s Day celebrations at our little library! Thanks to our literacy coach Saranya for engaging the children and making this special day extra special for everyone!