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Storytime at Schoolkutti Library

Regardless of age, the presents we get from our parents on Christmas Day, as well as the memories we share with our family, make the occasion meaningful and memorable. Sam in this story is likewise a little curious about his Christmas present, so he decides to go gift hunting. Sam could only find gifts for others after searching every nook and cranny in the house. Later, he discovered his gift wrapped in silver paper under his bed. Despite his curiosity, he has decided to wait till Christmas. During story time, children were excited to discuss what they received as a gift last Christmas and what they are anticipating this Christmas. The list went on and on, from puzzles to remote control cars. Then everyone seemed disappointed at the end of the narrative since they didn’t know Sam’s gift. But, in the end, they all agreed with Sam’s decision not to open the present. Later, we played a story-related word game in which everyone seemed to be competing to guess each word. In celebration of the Christmas season, we made paper Santa Clauses for crafts, and the children transformed the white Santa into a Christmassy Santa by adding red and green colours.

Helen O’Grady at Schoolkutti Children’s Library

After ten days of rehearsals to polish each scene, the final performance of the drama “Ashoka, The Great” was held on Saturday at Schoolkutti Children’s Library. The kids put on such an energizing presentation for the eyes. Throughout the performance, the excellence in their dialogues and acts has been remarkable. It was a gratifying occasion for both our organization and the parents to watch such brilliant performances from the children in such a short amount of time. The kids succeeded in keeping the rhythm of the drama with various emotions such as triumph, happiness, adamance, and awareness of the true meaning of life till the end of the drama, and they also succeeded in connecting those feelings with the audience. The play concludes with a significant message that all the leaders of today must remember “Being a leader comes with great power and responsibility”.

Kumon Kesavadasapuram Centre

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Helen O’Grady at Schoolkutti Library

When the Helen O’Grady speech and drama class entered the fourth week, the kids were all prepared to play the characters from “Ashoka, the Great.” Just like other Saturdays, the session started with their favourite drama song and speech exercise to help them project their words while delivering lines. To prepare the children for their roles as characters in the major drama and to assess the depth of their understanding of drama, they were separated into two groups and given a short scene and a handful of dialogues, then instructed to extend the scenario with many more dialogues and perform on stage. They all did an outstanding job without any surprises. Following both groups’ performances, the conversation regarding how to employ properties successfully on stage was also mentioned. The previous lesson was also about deciding on and assigning appropriate characters to the children. The drama “Ashoka, the Great” officially began after the character division. The dialogue and the significance of giving each character different emotions were addressed in the last lesson. Throughout the drama lesson, everyone’s body language represented the royal people’s attitude. The lesson closed with a discussion about how they could modify their personalities to make them even better.

Guided Reading Series

Following the creation of interest in books and tales, this is the second phase in guided reading. Reading aloud to your children is one of the best ways to help them become excellent readers. This would assist children in understanding pronunciation, word repetition, correct pauses following phrases, and tone change. Books at this level are made up of short compelling stories with simple vocabulary and repeated words and phrases to assist children to remember these words when they reappear in the story.


Why do we all get so excited about Halloween? Of course, to dress up in a scary Halloween costume. Peppa and George are also looking forward to dressing up as a witch and a dinosaur for their Halloween party. What are we becoming even more thrilled about? The pumpkin pie! While reading the story, we all drooled over the pumpkin pie made by Pappa Pig. The kids were ecstatic to hear of Peppa’s pals’ varied terrifying outfits for the party. There was an alien, a ghost, a werewolf, and other characters. The kids were overjoyed to replicate the werewolf howl, and they all let out a terrifying howl. Madame Gazelle was also invited to Peppa’s Halloween party, but something is strange with her reflection. When everyone’s reflection is seen in the mirror, Madame Gazelle’s is missing. Some of them made frightened faces, while others offered skeptical looks, claiming that she could not be a ghost and arguing that she may be wearing some type of clothing that does not allow reflection. We have to concur with such a thoughtful statement. We made a spooky bouncing ghost for the craft session at the end of the tale, and the kids were trying to make their ghosts even spookier.

Guided Reading with Schoolkutti

My very first!

This is your child’s first step toward reading. This phase might be more difficult for children who are less interested in reading. However, generating interest and selecting the appropriate book for them are key steps in this process. Once we have piqued their interest, it is simple to encourage kids to read and become more familiar with reading. In this level of guided reading, we will show them illustrations from a storybook and ask them to narrate the story in their own words. This would allow children to grasp the storyline when we read it to them. This would generate confidence in them and make them believe they invented the story. Full-colour books with short, relatively simple sentences would be appropriate for this level. Remember “A child’s first book will never be their last.”


Does India have a Chinatown? If so, why is it called Chinatown rather than India Town? This was a question that curious kids were asking. We selected Anuradha Sengupta’s “Janice Goes to Chinatown” for our Saturday reading session. This is the tale of a day in the lives of Janice, a young child, and her grandmother, who resides in Kolkata’s Chinatown. They are travelling to Chinatown to get presents for Janice’s parents and brother. At the end of the story, when Janice’s grandmother asks what she’s going to take for her, she replies that the memories they created together are the best present of all. The children were eager to share the memories they had with their grandparents. They all expressed interest in going to Chinatown someday after our storytime. They also said that while touring Chinatown, they weren’t sure if they should use Chinese or English. They created a variety of lollipops for our story-themed craft, and some of them wished they were real.


“Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour “
Our weekend story time was colorful this time. ‘Elmer and the Rainbow’ written by David McKee tells a story of Elmer the elephant who decides to give his colours to a colourless rainbow. It was fascinating to learn about different jungle animals. The children discussed the colours of rainbow and were curious to know about the situation of Elmer after giving up his colours .This story shares a unique message ‘Some things you can give and give and not lose any’. During craft time, we made colourful paper elephants.

Helen O’Grady Speech & Drama

Helen O’Grady drama classes don’t just improve your child’s acting skills. They also help with confidence, self-esteem and verbal communication. They nurture children through drama, encouraging self-expression and helping them to build confidence. Sharing the pics of children preparing for their final performance at Children’s Library.