Monthly Archives: January 2023

Story Time

Last Saturday’s story time was all about exploits with Pirate Captain and Pirate Dinosaurs. Flinn, a courageous and fearless little lad, and his companions decided to assist the Pirate Captain who had lost his favorite ship, The Acorn. However, they subsequently discovered that the ship had not only gone missing but had been seized by nasty pirate dinosaurs. The battle between Captain Flinn and the Pirate Tyrannosaurus Rex was fascinating and interesting for the kids. When Captain Flinn won the fight with the Pirate Dinosaur, their eyes shone with delight as they rushed out of their chairs and lifted their hands in the air, holding a sword in triumph. We played “guess the word in the air” and a line game for the language game. We created pirate caps for the crafts, and we all ended up becoming pirates.

Emerging Writers#1

Emerging writer series of Schoolkutti Children’s Library. Check out this review of Agatha Christie’s book “A Murder is Announced” by Nandini


Last Saturday, our story time session was about more than simply a story; it was also about raising awareness among the children about the difference between good and bad touch. The story centers on a young knight named Sir Alfred who is mistreated by an adult who has the highest possession in the kingdom and how he manages to bravely reveal his secret to his mother. Most of the time, it was tough to speak up about the awkward situation we were in with our parents. The narrative concludes with the message that parents should establish a secure atmosphere for their children in which they feel comfortable sharing anything with their parents. Then we discussed how important it is to say NO loudly and to be bold in such circumstances. After the reading, we played a new word game called back draw and winds up making swords for the craft session.

Christmas Storytime at Schoolkutti

This Christmas, we chose to read a story that would stay with us for a long time. It was a story of how helping hands appear as a present during trying times. When Redheaded Robbie was asked to present a Christmas story in front of the entire school, he became frightened as well. But when his pals chose to leave their seats and support their companion, Redheaded Robbie’s Christmas tale became a crowd favorite. His narrative was more than simply a story; it was a reminder of what Christmas means outside of the celebration. Following the narrative, the children discussed the scenario in which their friends chose to help them. They also said that the youngsters’ acts of kindness made the occasion unforgettable. As it is Christmas week, we chose to go with a pull-up Christmas card, remembering that Christmas cards have been a thing of the past since social media took over.