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NLP based Theatre Workshop – by Team Mindlinks


At the end of every training session we do for children, we are left with sheer joy and amazement. We think they are only kids what could they possibly know? What could they possibly learn in a day or two?

The level of understanding they display and the knowledge they already have about life is phenomenal. Children have unique personality traits that remain consistent throughout their life. However, it is easy to get trampled and overshadowed by what people around impose on them. Understanding your child is one of the most important things that a parent should learn to do. It is very helpful in helping and nurturing your child as they grow and mature.


During the NLP through Theatre program, we could see evidence of what fear of adults can do to children. Their self confidence, self-esteem, attitude and how they perceive the world is affected by this. Fear of being judged, fear of the expectations from parents, grandparents, teacher etc , fear of being shouted at and many more all adds up to how a child performs at home, at school and elsewhere. The lack of confidence that we mistake for shyness comes from being judged, what will people say about me? what if I go wrong? What if I fail? The expectations that they should excel in everything the parents/ grand parents could / could not excel in, is too much. The emotional baggage that teachers and parents unconsciously dump on them can pull them further down.


What can be done in situations like this?
Such situations will keep coming up in everyone’s life. The best we can do for our children is to help learn how to respond rather than react to such situation, being empathetic and yet be able to communicate positively how they feel about something, be able to access positive state of mind rather than being angry, sad and scared. Make them emotionally strong and build a better and fruitful future for them.
NLP helps individuals to understand and accept self and others, which is a liberating experience. Theatre helps to integrate the learning through experiencing and being in the moment.




Lets get messy


Kids had a blast at Children’s Library attending the ‘Lets get messy’ program on Vishu day. Anjali Rajan Dileep of Apple Story Club mesmerized the children with sensory play, stories, movement songs and messy activities. She got the kids and parents up and moving to the beats, exercising gross motor skills with high energy movements like jump, spin and shake.


What followed was a lovely story session based on the ‘Cave Baby’ by Julia Donaldson, which was enjoyed by both the children and children-at-heart. The highlight of the event was the messy play where kids played with home made dough and colors in total abandon. Overall, it was a fabulous fun time for both kids and parents alike. Here is a little peak into the fun we had.





Upcoming programs

Dear Friend,

We have the following programs coming up at Children’s Library in April.

Robotics Workshop

My-Robo2 Children’s Library in association with MyRobo Robotics Academy presents a 3-hour Robotics Workshop for children.

This workshop will provide school students the fundamentals of Robotics and it’s significance in today’s world. It consists of the practical concepts of basic electronics, basic mechanics, robotics and its various applications, presented in a way that children can easily understand.

Dates: April 22(Sunday)

Time: 3 PM to 6 PM

Age: 6 to 15 years

Venue: Children’s Library

Contact 0471-4015293 or 9847320281 for registrations

Theater Driven NLP Workshop



Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches children to use their brain (Neuro) effectively, use language to understand and express themselves (Linguistic) and gives them the best strategies for their future (Programming).

MindLinks in association with is organizing a 3 day Theatre driven NLP workshop for children. Allow NLP to be your guide through the more challenging times so you can enjoy your children for who they are and allow yourself to be the best parent you can be!

Age Group: 11 – 14 years & 8 – 10 years | Batch size : 20 children

Dates: 26 – 28 April 2018 | 3 – 5 May 2018 respectively


Registration in advance to secure your seat

Venue: Children’s Library

Contact 0471-4015293 or 9847320281 for registrations

Math Adventure


Cuemath is an organization that introduces math to children in a fun and engaging way. Cuemath believes that engaging children since a young age in “math-ful” events will actually make them learn to appreciate and love the subject.

At Children’s Library, Cuemath organized ‘Math Adventure’- a fun filled program that aims to engage kids with physical kits with interesting puzzles /activities. The category based division ensured that students of different age groups are able to work on relevant puzzles and activities. There were logical reasoning based puzzles and also activities using physical learning aids. The idea behind these activities was to ensure that kids see how interesting math can be and that they don’t shy away from it. Cuemath team is working towards creating an environment for students where they can understand Math in the most interactive and engaging forms. All the children that took part in Math Adventure got their dose of adventure and fun with this.




Family StoryTime


It was a buzzing saturday evening – we had excited children, enthusiastic parents, story-telling, songs, fun, craft and colours at Children’s Library on March 31. We enjoyed having Bina Maria Mathews narrate the cute and delightful story of ‘Farmer Falgu goes to the market’ from Karadi Tales. Bina passed around some cool props for the items in the cart (tomatoes, brown eggs, duck eggs, coriander and so on) that really helped spice up our storytime. Kids simply loved the wonderful phrases and sounds, beautiful illustrations and all the interesting happenings in the story and of course, the fantastic outcome.

There is an artist in every child. Our litle participants loved the egg craft and veggie garden finger painting too. Here are some glimpses from the session.








Utter Nonsense


Prasanth of Learning Alternatives enthralled the young audience at Children’s Library on March 24 with his program ‘Utter Nonsense’. They thoroughly enjoyed the humorous tales and verses with their fanciful phrases, meaningless words and rhythmic appeal.