Monthly Archives: October 2014

A young purposeful poet

Arundathy S Nair, a class 4 student of Cotton Hill HSS, Trivandrum got her first book on poetry released last sunday. The title of the book is ‘Colours’. Their school (Cotton Hill) took the initiative to publish it and got it released in the National book trust book festival that was held in the first week of October at Trivandrum.

Arundathy, maintains a poetry journal very systematically and writes poems mainly about nature. She recently attended a poetry workshop led by poet Soni Somarajan at Children’s Library. Arundhati and her cousin Adityan were very encouraged and inspired by the workshop and said that they looked forward to more such events at the library. This is what Soni had to say about Arundhathy – “Arundathy is one purposeful lady! I look forward to seeing her journal sometime! She gives you a feeling that there is a lot of depth inside her and she is looking for a way to express herself, in her own way. I am glad it’s poetry. Purposeful is the word I would use to describe Arundathy.”.