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April Summer Camp Bliss: A Journey through Stories and Fun Children’s Library embarked on an exhilarating journey this April with its much-anticipated Summer Camp. Aimed at igniting young imaginations and fostering a love for learning, the camp offered a vibrant array of activities tailored to captivate and engage children of all ages. From immersive storytelling sessions, dance to thrilling drama performances, every moment was designed to spark curiosity and creativity.

Each day at the camp began with a magical Story Time session, where children gathered eagerly to embark on literary adventures. From beloved picture books to gripping chapter novels of Sherlock Holmes’s Hound of Baskervilles where every chapter transports kids to far-off lands and fantastical realms.

Craft sessions at the Camp were a beloved highlight, offering participants the opportunity to unleash their creativity and explore a wide range of artistic endeavors such as Popup cards, Photo Album, Newspaper Bag, Bottle Art, Paper Flowers, Butterfly with paper cups, Mother’s Day card and much more.

Through word puzzles, Hangman, Mad Libs, Pictionary, Story Chain and many other language games, children explored the intricacies of language while honing their literacy skills. Every day after the story session kids eagerly waited for the game session where laughter and excitement filled the air as children participated in a variety of exhilarating games and activities such as Simon Says, Pyramid building with paper glass and many more.

Within a short period of time our Dance instructor managed to teach the kids a small dance performance with lively dance sessions that infused the atmosphere with rhythm and joy making the camp more vibrant.

The highlight of the Summer Camp was undoubtedly the spectacular drama performance presented by the young campers themselves. Through weeks of rehearsals and collaboration, children transformed into confident actors, bringing stories to life on stage with passion and flair. From whimsical fairy tales to thought-provoking dramas, each performance showcased the talent and creativity of the camp’s young stars, leaving audiences spellbound and inspired.

As the curtains closed on another unforgettable Summer Camp journey, Children’s Library celebrated the countless memories and friendships forged amidst the pages of stories and the thrill of adventure. We hope to see all our young campers next summer, till then bye from team Schoolkutti

Glimpses of our junior campers

Glimpses of our senior batch

“Hansel and Gretel” comes to life @ Schoolkutti

On the evening of December 2, 2023, Children’s Library was transformed into a whimsical world as talented young actors took the stage for the final performance of the enchanting drama “Hansel and Gretel.” The air buzzed with excitement as families and friends gathered to witness the culmination of weeks of hard work and dedication by the budding thespians.

Under the direction of HOG (Helen O’ Grady International Drama Academy) staff, the children showcased their theatrical skills, bringing to life the timeless tale of “Hansel and Gretel.” The classic story was reimagined through the eyes of the young performers, creating a delightful and heart-warming experience for all in attendance.

The vibrant costumes added an extra layer of charm to the performance, showcasing the creativity and attention to detail that went into every aspect of the production. After the performance, Helen O’Grady International Drama Academy gave participation certificates to the budding actors.

This final drama performance served as a testament to the power of storytelling and the magic that unfolds when children are given the opportunity to explore their creative potential.

“A Magical Journey of Imagination and Visualization: Children’s Library Drama Performance”

The enchanting world of literature and the boundless realm of a child’s imagination collide in a delightful spectacle at children’s library. Imagine a stage where characters from beloved storybooks come to life, and the young minds in the audience are transported to far-off lands, all through the power of imagination and visualization. That’s what exactly happened at the end of the Saturday evening drama program by Helen O’Grady International at Schoolkutti, the children presented a short, scripted production for parents on August 19th Saturday. The atmosphere is brimmed with anticipation as children and their families gather to witness a unique theatrical experience. The captivating drama performance ignited creativity and wonder within every audience.

This drama performance at the children’s library served as a reminder that books are not merely words on paper but gateways to infinite realms where imagination knows no bounds. It encourages children to read with a new perspective, fostering a lifelong love for literature and creativity. Children’s Library ‘s Summer Camp Programme for 2023 Children’s Library ‘s summer camp programme for 2023 began in the final week of March and wrapped up on the 25th of May. The beauty of our summer camp was that we got to meet a lot of young kids with diverse interests and dislikes who were all brought together as a group, making these three months more than simply a summer camp session but also a blend of friendship, love, sharing, and caring that made us all feel like a “family.” There were times when students cheered and clapped for their buddies and gave them methods and ideas to help them win the game. Despite minor disagreements over games, they are the best buddies in the room. One of the events where we could all connect with our ideas and feelings via stories was our story club session. We could see their expressions alter as the tempo of the narrative changed, and the background music played an important role in establishing an environment that made the kids feel like they were truly within the story. They discussed their feelings, ideals, and the effects of the characters on the plot. The children also adorned the story club with their art and craft projects, making it more exciting and realistic. Also, following the story club, they were racing to the book section of our library to be the first to get the next series of the book featured in our story club, and we believe that our camp session has impacted kids to consider reading as one of their favourite hobbies. We feel that our summer camp session benefited the kids in discovering what they want to do and enjoy the most by establishing memories and making a lot of friends, and we are grateful to know that we were a part of some of their enjoyable moments that they will remember for a long time

Helen O’Grady at Schoolkutti Children’s Library

After ten days of rehearsals to polish each scene, the final performance of the drama “Ashoka, The Great” was held on Saturday at Schoolkutti Children’s Library. The kids put on such an energizing presentation for the eyes. Throughout the performance, the excellence in their dialogues and acts has been remarkable. It was a gratifying occasion for both our organization and the parents to watch such brilliant performances from the children in such a short amount of time. The kids succeeded in keeping the rhythm of the drama with various emotions such as triumph, happiness, adamance, and awareness of the true meaning of life till the end of the drama, and they also succeeded in connecting those feelings with the audience. The play concludes with a significant message that all the leaders of today must remember “Being a leader comes with great power and responsibility”.

Helen O’Grady at Schoolkutti Library

When the Helen O’Grady speech and drama class entered the fourth week, the kids were all prepared to play the characters from “Ashoka, the Great.” Just like other Saturdays, the session started with their favourite drama song and speech exercise to help them project their words while delivering lines. To prepare the children for their roles as characters in the major drama and to assess the depth of their understanding of drama, they were separated into two groups and given a short scene and a handful of dialogues, then instructed to extend the scenario with many more dialogues and perform on stage. They all did an outstanding job without any surprises. Following both groups’ performances, the conversation regarding how to employ properties successfully on stage was also mentioned. The previous lesson was also about deciding on and assigning appropriate characters to the children. The drama “Ashoka, the Great” officially began after the character division. The dialogue and the significance of giving each character different emotions were addressed in the last lesson. Throughout the drama lesson, everyone’s body language represented the royal people’s attitude. The lesson closed with a discussion about how they could modify their personalities to make them even better.

Helen O’Grady at Schoolkutti Children’s library

Children sang “We all love drama” as the first session of Helen O’Grady officially began. Kids appeared to be active throughout the session, just like in the song. They were then introduced to a charming buddy named “Tami” the tambourine, and from that point on they had to follow Tami’s instructions. Children were instructed to run to a different location, as Tami says, after a quick introduction explaining the different areas of a stage. Giving students the option to pretend they were on a beach and suddenly walked on a slimy substance and asking them to perform their reactions helped explain voice modulations and expressions toward specific scenarios. Their little faces expressed a spectrum of emotions, including curiosity, annoyance, and fear. Later, they were instructed to behave in accordance with the characters in a brief acting scene. They changed from kids to characters in a snap. The final step of the speech and drama session was self-appreciation, which included patting their shoulders and singing the farewell song “We all love drama, but now it’s time to say goodbye.”

Helen O’Grady Speech & Drama

Helen O’Grady drama classes don’t just improve your child’s acting skills. They also help with confidence, self-esteem and verbal communication. They nurture children through drama, encouraging self-expression and helping them to build confidence. Sharing the pics of children preparing for their final performance at Children’s Library.


Have you ever tried a sweet dumpling called Kozhukatta? Today we chose a humorous foodie tale “Kozhukatta”, written by Sumi Chandrashekharan which tells the story of Ponnu who is a such a forgetful person! One day Ponnu tries this delicious spongy coconut filled Kozhukatta at his friend’s place, but finds it tough to remember the name. He is unable to think of anything except this on his way to home, yet how he struggles with it is absolutely hilarious. Our children couldn’t stop giggling throughout the narration. We are sure they must have asked their parents to make this mouth-watering snack as soon as they reached home

HOG Speech & Drama

No other programmes offer the lasting benefits than Helen o’ Grady. This drama class gives children lots of opportunity to develop confidence in communication. This helps to improvise with speech throughout the lesson and encourage the students to explore what they can do with language. Speech training is a specific part of the lesson dedicated to helping the students to develop clear speech.