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Story time at Arcon Enclave team was at Arcon Enclave last weekend with a treasury of surprising, amusing and endearing stories. There was a lot of laughter, music and role play with the awesome bunch of kids. It’s all about making childhood fun, enriching and memorable. Please contact us if you are interested in having free storytelling sessions for kids of your apartments or villas.







Storytime at Arcon Enclave

Encouraging children to read for pleasure is about more than getting them to pick up a book; it’s equally important for children to appreciate a good story. Children’s Libraries play a key role in creating readers alongside parents and teachers by discovering ways to work with the community to help children develop as readers. Children’s Library (with branches at Vellayambalam and Pongummood) is coming up with book reading programs at apartments, residents’ associations, schools and other institutions for children to inspire and excite readers of all levels.

On Saturday, we are conducting a storytelling/book reading and fun activity program, absolutely free, for the children of Arcon Enclave Apartments, Kuravankonam.






If you are interested, please let us know and we can finalize a time slot for holding this program at your apartment. Contact 9847320281 for details.

Story Time at Skyline Campus Heights team had a great time telling stories to the children of Skyline Campus Heights, Sreekaryam on Sunday. The enthusiastic bunch of little ones interacted actively by listening, singing, dancing, acting out, sharing anecdotes and asking questions. Such fun…towards the end, none of the kids or storytellers wanted to leave!!






Schoolkutti @ Pongummood

Are libraries just places where you have to be quiet and read? At our Pongummood library, we have great outdoor space that is natural and perfect for free play. Parents who come with their little ones to choose books are encouraged to let their kids make use of this play area. Here are some pictures of children playing to their hearts’ content. lawn3







Craft activities are a great way to help kids express themselves, improve fine motor skill development and hand eye co-ordination. A happy side effect of crafting sessions, is that these teach kids to try something, and potentially even fail. During our WordPlay program, we follow the storytime with book themed craft.
word play 1

word play 2

word play3

Pink and Blue Story Time

At Schoolkutti, this weekend’s story time was an enjoyable effort to break the norm that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. The book we chose was ‘Pink and Blue’ by Ritu Vaishnav. Bina Maria Mathews of Bee’s Tales also used a powerful presentation to convey the message in an easy-to-understand way for young kids. It was empowering for the children to see that it was okay to like any colour, have your hair short or long, cry when feeling sad, play any game that suits them whether they were boys or girls. pink 1

pink 3



pink 7

Children had tons of fun making colorful dolls with ice cream sticks and paper toward the end.