Monthly Archives: November 2019

Speech Craft

It’s never too early to learn how to speak effectively and with confidence. At the public speaking workshop for children that was kicked off on Saturday at Schoolkutti, Vellayambalam, interesting techniques on speech crafting were passed on to the children.






All the participants enjoyed the session and are looking forward to attending the next one.

KIDDO (Season.3)

Schoolkutti team had a great time sharing stories and songs with children at the KIDDO (Season.3) program organized by Natana for the kids of Technopark employees(Phase.1, 2 &3). For one hour, the other-wise naughty little ones, and their parents, sat spell-bound listening to some fantastic stories narrating by Saranya.

natana 2





It was so heartening to see kids dancing and singing in full excitment. Such fun…towards the end, none of the kids wanted to leave!!

Home Delivery

Wish to request for home delivery of books from Children’s Library? Here are the steps.
1. Take a membership at Children’s Library
2. Browse the catalog of books in the website
3. Choose the books you wish to read
4. Send an email to or whatsapp 9847320281 with the names of books and your membership number
5. We will let you know if any book has been lent out. If so, please reserve the book and choose another book to borrow. homedelivery Children’s Library, Pongummood

As you all know, the second branch of Children’s Library is now functioning at the Wonder Years Preschool, Pongummood.

Details of the library membership plan – Pay-for-period Plan (Half-Yearly)
Books per visit – 5
Reading Charges – Rs. 1600/- only (Flat 30% Off for memberships if you present the coupon code in this image. Offer valid till Dec 2019 only)
Refundable Deposit – Rs. 1500/- only

Contact: 0471-4015293 or 9847320281 for details.


Scrabble Workshop

It was scrabble time at Schoolkutti this weekend. It wasn’t all about spellings. There was competition. There was teamwork. There was even math, and yes, there was plenty of fun too. The bubbly little ones were excited to look up new words, challenge their peers and simply play around with words and letters.






We loved the fact that children were learning without realizing it. Kudos to the wonderful coach Saranya for her patience, enthusiasm and energy.

‘Jungle Fun Kids Yoga Storytime’

Some fantastic children’s books came to life with fun yoga at YogaPlus Vazhuthacaud last saturday. Schoolkutti and YogaPlus teams collaborated beautifully bringing together imagination and creativity through storytelling and movement. It was so wonderful watching the energetic little ones living the story, flowing from one Yoga pose to another. As kids are easily drawn to animals, and yoga includes dozens of animal poses, this is a sure-fire way to capture a child’s attention and lead a practice in a fun and light-hearted way. We also had some interesting games and also celebrated the third anniversary of YogaPlus with some yummy cake.