Monthly Archives: July 2023

Saturday Storytime

What can be more entertaining than the story of everyone’s favorite family cat? Last Saturday, we read the story of Mog the cat who did a bad thing during our storytime session. The gentle humour with the colourful, endearing pictures was a smashing hit with the little ones.

There was plenty to talk about as we went along, and plenty to smile about too. Mog’s toilet is referred to as her lavatory so we had to have a small chat about what that was before we could follow what was happening with naughty Mog. Some of the kids mentioned about the” Kandan Poocha “(Tom cat) of their house and how big they were. All of us had fun sharing our experience with cats of all kinds – white cats, black cats, fluffy cats, striped cats and the list went on. The heroic entry of Mog at the end of the story was a pleasant surprise for the kids. After reading and discussing the story, we made cat faces with the craft paper. Some cats were cute with crowns and others were scary with sharp teeth. Saturdays are always so much fun at Schoolkutti, but this one was a little bit extra special!