Daily Archives: September 2, 2018

Schoolkutti Library Home Delivery

Wish to request for home delivery of books from Schoolkutti.com Children’s Library? Here are the steps.
1. Browse the catalog of books in the schoolkutti.com website
schoolkutti catalog
2. Choose the books you wish to read
3. Send an email to schoolkutti@gmail.com or whatsapp 9847320281 with the names of books
4. If any of the books are not available for lending, you have the option to reserve the books
5. We will let you know if any book has been lent out. If so, please choose another book to borrow.


Grady’s Super Skill Programme

Fun and inspiring drama classes by HelenO’Grady International in progress at Schoolkutti.com Children’s Library. Lovely to see the children growing in confidence, building new friendships and having a great time. Drama lessons are fantastic for preparing students to live and work in a team-orientated world as they learn vital skills such as tolerance and empathy. Skills that are learned studying drama with Helen O’Grady Drama Academy are invaluable in later life.