Monthly Archives: August 2021

Think to Ink (Activity-based Writing workshop) Children’s Library conducted an activity-based Writing workshop for children above 9 years. It was facilitated by Geethu Prakash, Advocate and award winner in numerous writing contests.

The workshop successfully triggered the spark of journalism in children by helping them identify and report interesting things around them and finally present their findings effectively into a newspaper. We could guide them to effectively brainstorm ideas, express thoughts clearly and write constructively.

During the program, the trainer discussed techniques to create a piece of writing that enhances the reader’s understanding of key ideas and information. Memory games and vocabulary activities were also included to enhance their imagination and concentration. Children responded with enthusiasm and thrill to the word and sentence building activities. Organising ideas through mind mapping techniques were also introduced. Summary writing methods were taught and children were made to write down the summary of a small newspaper report.

On the last day, the children took a virtual tour of the globe. A rapid fire round was held to familiarise them about the continents and states. We also had a self awareness activity during the program- it was a moment of introspection when they pondered over and listed down their strengths and weaknesses. The workshop marked it’s end when the children came out with their brilliant work of creativity weaved during the series of sessions. They participated in every aspect of producing the newspaper – from topic selection, researching and writing, editing and finalizing their work. Sharing the end product here, for all of you to see.