Monthly Archives: September 2017

Another awesome session of Word Play

It was an awesome Saturday morning at Children’s Library. This week, we read a story about a child experiencing the joy of finding a bird’s nest in her garden and excitedly following every development till the young birds soar into the sky. It was narrated with a touch of fun, holding the attention of the children up till the end.

After the story time, we had a vocabulary game where each and every participant won a small prize for successfully guessing the word based on the clue provided. A worksheet on birthday theme for the little ones and a story writing exercise and comprehension for the seniors followed.

Finally, we discussed the life cycle of a butterfly and explored it through an informative song based video. Our bunch of lively kids made the session special and very interactive. Looking forward to next Saturday.

Day 1 of Word Play

Children should read for the sheer pleasure of reading and not for any other reason. How do you foster a love of reading for pleasure? At Children’s library, there are a lot of reasons for children to fall in love with books. Every Saturday, kids have fun reading stories, singing songs, doing role plays and honing their writing skills. This weekend, a sleepy and dull morning was transformed into a bright and cheerful morning for the children listening to the magical adventures of a little boy who went through troublesome times initially, but then had a happy life with his doting father.


Role playing helps to build up confidence in speaking, while having fun. This week, we had a great time acting out the ‘Chicken Licken’ Play Script. The book about Robots generated a lot of interest and sharing of facts. In between all this, kids also enthusiastically completed worksheets and word identifying activities.