Daily Archives: January 8, 2014

Story Time @Schoolkutti.com Children’s Library

Which child does not love stories? Storytelling teaches children how to concentrate, visualize and remember a sequence of events. Moreover, story telling plays an important role in early literacy and language development. Have your children come and listen to fascinating and captivating stories that will spark their imaginations! Its going to be a fun filled and interactive session at 10 AM on Jan 19 at Schoolkutti.com Children’s Library, with Aswathy Karnaver of Blue Sky Children’s Club. There will also be an opportunity for interested kids to participate in a recitation competition and win prizes.

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Schoolkutti.com Children’s Library provides reading space and a fine collection of books for children of different age groups. Special events like story telling sessions, book reading events, craft programs and many literary contests are also organized to cater to parents and children.

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