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A workshop to nurture your child’s spirit of inquiry

Dear parent,

Discussions and debates allow children to express their views, but, more importantly, allow them to appreciate another viewpoint. Also, every child is naturally inquisitive and our challenge lies in nurturing this innate curiosity. Schoolkutti.com Children’s Library presents a General Awareness Workshop that is designed to build on a child’s spirit of inquiry. Loaded with imaginative stories, an informative quiz and interactive activities, this workshop encourages children to think, reflect and respond. Gift your child an enjoyable learning experience that will effectively lay the foundation for a brand new set of questions.

Facilitator : Mujib MK
Age Group : 8 to 14 years
Venue : Schoolkutti.com Children’s Library
Time : 4:00 to 5:30 PM
Date : February 9, 2014
Registration : Rs.100/-(For library members), Rs.150/-(For others)

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