Think to Ink (Activity-based Writing workshop for children)

Day 1

• Introduction
Helping children present the unique points that sets them apart from a crowd

• Word list
Applying a memory game sharpens observation and analysis

• Story writing
Weaving a story with few sentences showcases the creativity of each child.

• Taboo words
Enabling children to interact well with their peers through an interesting game

Day 2

• Jumbled sentences
Working as a team to rearrange sentences in order strengthens team spirit

• Article writing
Helping to pen down the ideas of each child in an organized manner

• What am I thinking of?

Describing a thing helps the child to think of even the minute details

• Crossword
Enhancing vocabulary and quick thinking through cross words

Day 3

• Word making
Enabling each child to learn new words from their peers

• Summary writing
Learning short and crisp reproduction of an idea already known to them

• Mindmap method
Visualising and prioritizing ideas enhances the thought process

Learning new words through games always thrills children

Day 4

Familiarizing adverbs
Introducing adverbs in an interesting manner helps them express thoughts clearly

• Punctuation
Using punctuations in the appropriate places and introducing new punctuations

• Pictionary
Picturising thoughts enhances and sharpens presentation skill

• Speech writing
Coming up with speech in a short span of time enables children to think and act quickly