Storytime : “Mangoes and Mischief”

Storytelling at our library is for kids to have fun, engage with books, enhance their creativity and discuss new ideas.This week it was a sweet-sour story, we chose “Mangoes and Mischief” written by Sreedevi Gopakumar. The story revolves around three characters Malu, Moidooty, Mangasura( demon). Kids loved the illustrations, especially Mangasura’s – they found him adorable instead of scary. This story set in Kerala, brings an air of mango- filled festivity and celebration in its pages.The author has mentioned some dishes made with mangoes such as pickle, lassi, dried mango and so on that are mouthwatering. Kids were craving for those by the end of the story. They absolutely enjoyed the story and the accompanying craft of making cute paper mangoes.