Storytime – Daddy’s Mo

What is Daddy’s Mo? Is it his mouth or is it mobile? Kids asked. No, it’s none of them. Daddy’s Mo means Daddy’s moustache. We chose to read Madhuri Purandare’s “Daddy’s Mo” for our Saturday’s story reading session. This is the story of a little girl named Anu, who is obsessed with her daddy’s moustache. There were Anu’s drawings of people wearing various costumes and moustaches, including a big fat one, a pencil-thin type, and a cloud-like one. Children were fascinated by the moustache that resembled a cloud, and they began to wonder, like Anu, how someone might eat if they had a gigantic moustache. We played jumbled words as part of our word game, and as the kids wished to have a moustache at the end of the story, we decided to make various moustaches for our craft session.