Can scarecrows converse about their ripped and ragged clothing? Will they ever complain about not getting pretty clothes? Gauri, a little girl, wishes to create the most beautiful scarecrow using her new red frock and red ribbons. She returned to her hut after leaving her mother’s scarecrows in the field. But her ambition to make a beautiful scarecrow remained, and she dreamed about scarecrows whining about their torn old clothing and trying on her red dress and red ribbon, spinning, twisting, and laughing. This time, the birds arrived and ate all the grains, but since the scarecrows were all dressed up nicely, the birds were not afraid. Gauri awoke screaming, realizing it had all been a nightmare. At the end of the narrative, she noticed the scarecrows winking at her. Was it all a dream, or were the scarecrows talking? The kid’s theory of explanation was that the brain would characterize our dreams for a period of time, making them look real. We began speaking about the bad nightmares and imaginations that kids had. Some of their imaginative ideas ranged from taking control of the universe to traveling to a fairyland. Following the reading session, we played musical chairs at the request of the kids and created scarecrows for the craft session. Some sought to construct scary scarecrows, while others tried to make lovely ones.