Why do we all get so excited about Halloween? Of course, to dress up in a scary Halloween costume. Peppa and George are also looking forward to dressing up as a witch and a dinosaur for their Halloween party. What are we becoming even more thrilled about? The pumpkin pie! While reading the story, we all drooled over the pumpkin pie made by Pappa Pig. The kids were ecstatic to hear of Peppa’s pals’ varied terrifying outfits for the party. There was an alien, a ghost, a werewolf, and other characters. The kids were overjoyed to replicate the werewolf howl, and they all let out a terrifying howl. Madame Gazelle was also invited to Peppa’s Halloween party, but something is strange with her reflection. When everyone’s reflection is seen in the mirror, Madame Gazelle’s is missing. Some of them made frightened faces, while others offered skeptical looks, claiming that she could not be a ghost and arguing that she may be wearing some type of clothing that does not allow reflection. We have to concur with such a thoughtful statement. We made a spooky bouncing ghost for the craft session at the end of the tale, and the kids were trying to make their ghosts even spookier.