Stimulating little minds

Attending interactive storytelling sessions improve concentration, communication and listening skills – above all, it keeps their imagination alive. Children’s Library witnessed some fun filled moments at Aswathy Karanaver’s story telling workshop on Jan 19. Her animated and lively story telling session was a real treat to the children. Delight played on their faces as she spun tale after tale, singing and laughing with them. It was a pleasure to see the little ones sit goggle eyed listening to the ways in which kuttisankaran outwitted the ghost. Of course, kids were not the only ones who loved it, even parents who were present had a great time as they went back to their childhood days.


After the story, we also conducted a recitation contest for the participants aged 4 to 10. The children enjoyed reciting their favorite poems and the winners were presented the best prizes in the world – books 🙂


Thanks and Kudos to Aswathy for the wonderful workshop, she captured hearts with her amazing storytelling style.