Inter-School English Debate Competition @ Saraswathi Vidyalaya, Trivandrum

“The principal value of debate lies in the development of logical thought processes, and the ability to articulate your positions publicly” – Senator Dick Clark of Iowa

Participating in debates are very beneficial for students, so schools should promote debating clubs and contests. Students get a chance to hone their public speaking and researching skills. Reading about current affairs and general issues are essential for debaters, so these habits are also cultivated in children. Learning the art of persuasion and developing self confidence are other advantages of taking part in debates.

Saraswathi Vidyalaya School, Trivandrum is holding the Inter-School English Debate Competition, Thinkers and Talkers, on 23-08-2013 at 9 am in the School Auditorium. Good luck to all the competing teams.