Fun Yoga for Trivandrum kids

As told by Smt. K.Uma, M.Sc., R.D (Registered Nutrition Consultant & Certified Yoga Trainer):

When taught in a fun way children enjoy , understand and accept things better, that is what we do in fun yoga classes. The world is going so fast and all are going behind it. Even children are also trapped in that. Here we teach children to become more aware about their body and mind, the precious gift from Almighty and our duty is to take care of it with healthy eating habits, active lifestyle, making our mind happy by doing good things.

When there is competition , fear comes to their minds which in turn spoils their creativity, imagination and their real talents. But through fun yoga classes we teach them yoga in a non competitive environment so that we help them discover their own potential and which in turn they develop self confidence.

Children enjoy doing yoga here because we do not force them to do anything neither we expect perfection. Children enjoy doing yoga through music, dance, stories and games.

Our wholehearted welcome to all loving children to experience the magic of yoga our age old Indian tradition.

Uma’s Nutriyoga is conducting a Fantastic Feb Weekend Childrens Yoga camp at Trivandrum on all Saturdays of February 2015 from 10 am-11.30 am. Fees is Rs. 500/- per month or Rs.150/- per session.

Contact : Mrs. Uma Kalyani 944 64 75 180

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