Creative Writing Workshop @Schoolkutti Children’s Library is coming up with yet another workshop to give an introduction to children as to what is creative writing. The session will be led by Retired English Professor and poet Smt. Elsy Satheesan. She will explain how one writer or artist is basically different from another, how every one is unique etc. There will be tips and suggestions for pouring down ideas into paper followed by a writing session. It will be a kind of ‘free-for-all’ session, which means that the children can try any genre they like – poetry, story, essay, a day from their life, can be anything they choose. There will be evaluation or comments based on the language, style of writing and their overall performance. She will also read aloud from her own poems as examples of creativity.


Photo Courtesy: Smt. Kalyani Vallath (Vallath TES)