“Baby and Dubdub”

Even into adulthood, children’s books have remained a source of joy and pleasure to some of us. These books of innocence, love, wonder and magic help us unwind, escape from the real world at least for a while, and come out relaxed and happier.

Here is my review of the latest children’s book “Baby and Dubdub” by our dear Khyrunnisa Ma’am.

The adorable new baby in the family definitely stole the spotlight but also brought new challenges to her sibling and his beloved pet Dubdub. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of these delightful kids whose sibling rivalry plays out in a humorous and engaging tale. Sweet and warm with humorous descriptions, this book can surely be used to prompt positive conversations about sibling co-operation. Through her warm and entertaining narration, the author demonstrates that in any family, love and affection will ultimately win the day.

This is book is already a hit at our Schoolkutti Children’s Library. So book your copy ahead, if you want to borrow this one.