Day 2 – Word Play


Young writer and artist Malavika Thampi conducted a super fun story session at the library . She narrated the stories to the young children in such an interesting way, that all the children were charmed by her almost right away.


The thing about reading aloud to kids is that it goes so far beyond comprehension, it can be life-changing. They may forget the spelling tests and worksheets at schools, but they will remember the stories, the songs and the role plays forever.
The best part was watching the kids’ faces as they listened and interacted with our super-talented Malavika Thampi.


Our tiny tots had a great time with young and vibrant Malavika Thampi, who is doing her high school at Christ Nagar CBSE School. Thanks to her for accepting our invitation, preparing with enthusiasm and delivering a wonderfully engaging session at the library today.