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Story Circle @Schoolkutti.com Children’s Library

Schoolkutti.com children’s library presents

A Story Circle based on: The Gods of the Vikings – Tales from Norse Mythology

Story Circle is a program that helps children learn through stories. With a story at its center and a circle of activities weaved around the story, the program is designed to enhance creativity, speech, reading and conceptual learning in children.


Story Circle @ Schoolkutti.com

Story: The Gods of the Vikings – Tales from Norse Mythology
These stories from the world of the Norse men are rich in poetry, legend and song. Colourful and dramatic, filled with humour and adventure, they have captured the imagination of listeners across generations.

Age of participants: 9 to 12 years.

Timing: 4 to 6 PM

Facilitated by: Prasanth Gangadharan (teacher, storyteller, designer of Story Circle)

Prasanth’s diverse experience in teaching includes stints as a Class Teacher in an alternative school and as a facilitator, conducting mentoring programs for young adults and anchoring action learning projects, in Bangalore. He has held storytelling sessions in schools and his program, Finding My Voice, was an accredited module in an MBA program. Story circle is inspired by his association with the Waldorf education system conceived by Rudolf Steiner. Prasanth studied at CET and IMI, New Delhi. He can be contacted at prasanth.teacher@gmail.com; 9886105031.