Daily Archives: March 3, 2015

Summer Holidays

Blog posted by Mrs. Susan Mathew, of Friends PlaySchool and Kindergarten, Trivandrum

With the start of the summer holidays( some schools close as early as 1st week of March), parents may now be wondering how to organize and plan the day so their child isn’t at a loose end or glued to the TV. while it is important to see that they do join in some group play/learning, they should also be given some part of the day to do things on their own. How to get your child to play alone and quietly, without constantly begging you,”Play with me!”? It’s not only a teenager who needs his or her ‘space’; very young children too, need mental room.

Give them space. Even while you supervise their play and keep a constant eye on them, you can still afford them space. Allow your child time to think quietly and play alone. A child who can’t handle a second without outside stimulation needs to develop some attentive muscles, just as a less active child may need to exert himself or herself physically.

Creativity comes from constraints. Overloading our homes and yards with toys can have a crippling effect on our children’s imaginations. Set aside some time when they cannot use gadgets and PSPs – a “no screen day”. Allow them to dream and exercise their creative muscles. Let them to find ways to entertain themselves, rather than depending on you to suggest activities.

Don’t fuss about the mess. Hold your tongue when you see them trooping in the mud. There’s nothing a little soap and water can’t take care of. If you’re honest, you would be the first to admit that the best play usually involves dirt, sand, water and rocks.

A museum of everything. To gather objects is a natural compulsion. It’s not unusual to see children leave the kindergarten with something clutched in their hands or stashed in their pockets. Sticks, stones, dried leaves, bugs, and sometimes even sand can engage their fascination for hours. Collections kept outdoors are no big deal, but when they want to bring the outdoors, indoors- dedicate a shelf or tray to keep things neat and contained.

Dress them for play, not a wedding! Allow your children to wear clothes they can get dirty without worrying about grubby knees on pants, or ripped pockets. After all, would you go to the beach in a suit or a saree? Read this poem to revisit your childhood rambles in the long lazy days of summer.


The ability to occupy oneself is a life skill that is becoming less and less common and infinitely more valuable. What you do to encourage your child to acquire this skill would go a long way in giving him or her a lively interest in the natural world and an ability to balance an innate creativity with the demands of a technology driven world.